Is it safe to uninstall old version of Cubase?

I have currently 2 versions of Cubase on my computer 7.5 and 8. I would like to get rid of 7.5 eventually. The question: If i uninstall 7.5 will it delete any VST plugins etc? I don’t want to remove anything else than just the 7.5

But i am afraid at the moment to uninstall it because i am afraid it will delete my VSTs with it or any other important stuff.

So, is it safe? Please help!

Yes it is safe to uninstall. But I’d never do that. Why do you want to? The old version doesn’t use much diskspace, so you don’t gain much there. Plus you can have both versions running at the same time, which can be handy as it allows you to have 2 projects simultaneously active. And if a problem crops up with with 8 you can always use 7.5 (which will open 8 projects) until you resolve the problem.

The combo of there being no big benefit of uninstalling 7.5, and the fact that uninstalling requires some effort makes it, for me, not worth it. I only loose old versions of Cubase when I migrate to a new PC.

Well, i am running low on disk space and i just don’t like any programs on my PC i don’t use that much anymore. Keeping it clean so to speak as i do other stuff on my PC too. But i just watched the new features in Cubase 9 and i must say i am very interested getting that one… I was thinking about getting Reason 9 but maybe i should rather get Cubase 9 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: Keep on producing!

Uninstalling a version of Cubase won’t save much space, less than 1gb, probably, since the content, which is around 8gb, is shared and will remain for the version you keep.

It would certainly depend upon how buggy 9 is. I will wait for a few days to see what other users say. If a project does not load in 9 you can still work on it. Keep 8.5.

Do you know about the VST sound routing that is new in 9? Does it work with every VST plugin or only steinberg ones?

I have Nexus 2 and i would love to be able to route my Groove Agent drums into Nexus 2 filters & effects…