Is it still possible to purchase Cubase SX3?

Hi, I have been given an old archive project to remix,
it was created using Cubase SX3 (PC version).

I am wondering if it is still possible to purchase an license for SX3?
(I am hoping that this would be cheaper than buying a license for the latest version :sunglasses: )

The download archive only goes up to SX2
But the downloads of unsupported older products only go back to an update for SX3
it says "Cubase SX, August 31st, 2005 - Requires an already installed Cubase SX 3 version on your computer! "

… so there does not seem to be an installer available to download for SX3 itself?

The situation may depend on any plugins used rather than the actual DAW version.

Cubase 6 can be downloaded as a trial if you have a Steinberg Key but if not, Cubase Elements can be used instead with the only (major) potential issue being use of Groups as opposed to FX sends.

If it is just audio that is involved you could simply import it into either C6 or Elements and mix using Cubase’ own built in plugs.

oh, don’t worry about FX and plugins,
what I really want to be able to do is just open the project the way it was,
and see where all the audio is on the timeline
(I’d probably then export it as stems and import those into another DAW )

I do have a license for Cubase 4 LE somewhere, but if I recall correctly, that LE version wouldn’t let me open an SX3 project… do you think the Cubase 6 Elements would open an SX3 project?

Nope, 6 elements will open 6 artist and 6 full projects but not older Studio or Full (SX) projects, You will be able to open 3 SX projects with the full pack and for compatibility sake you can download a version of SX 3 that works with the 6.5 license from the Steinberg server

I have not tried the demo version and thus cannot comment on if it will export, but it is worth a try

I couldn’t find one, do you have a link for this?

maybe it would be better to phrase my question like this:

  • what’s the cheapest Cubase license I can buy from Steinberg (for a 64 bit Windows 7 system), that will let me open and work with projects created in Cubase 3 SX…?

Indeed, is there a Steinberg ‘Sales’ contact address? Cos this is really a sales query, not a support one!

This is a forum BTW, not the place to get steinberg support, and Steinberg does not sell directly -, see:

Presuming you are the same guy as is using that avatar on SoS you are based in the UK, Digital Village and the other mail order houses has a Cubase specialist that can handle your queries, alternatively call the English Steinberg support line at 0049-40-42236-115 to get the last word on this, they are quite helpful.

AFAIK only the full version will open older full version files, the download for the SX3 you asked for is here is here:

But you will need a full SX 3 or Cubase 4, 5 or 6 license for it to work

You might want to take a look at the second hand market, because of the dongle system it is easier to buy and sell Cubase than systems that use authorisation and the second hand market is quite lively, any of the above version will do

If it is just a one off project like you say you may want to ask a friend to lend you a key for a few days or do the conversion for you

Is this what you need?

A dongle costs a mere $30 USD on ebay, with $10 postage depending where you are.

Please Steinberg make a clean break with the past and STOP supporting old versions.

They don’t support it.
Support = Active Development and Ongoing bug fixes.

Yes but why do end users have to keep hearing about it when there is a top notch solution already available, which is fully supported by the developers for a negligible cost?

I am not saying this person is using an illegitimate version or that their source is same but it begs the question about professionalism on Steinberg’s part for even having that old rubbish still available.

We don’t. This isn’t the Cubase 6 forum. That’s one of the reasons why the forums are only unlocked for users of that product.

I actually think is quite professional (and good customer service) to retain old updates and downloads. It shows that they’re not going to fully abandon their old user base.
Besides, the cost of keeping the old stuff available nowadays is negligible.

Updates are way different from keeping a full version there for the sake of a few stragglers who are not yet ready (or willing) to get on board the barge called Steinberg and by having a demo available as indistinct from the proper version bar a few arguably unnecessary plugins means the gesture is now redundant.

FYI: The file itself is only 116 megabytes. Negligible in modern computing.

And yet, it in now way impacts the “modern” Cubase user.

A demo that is only good for 30 days for a product that costs $500.
Unless I’m mistaken, the download for SX3 (full version) still needs a license to operate.

Most of Steinberg’s customers are businesses themselves. Businesses don’t upgrade if it’s not going to make workflow more efficient and give them a better return than they are currently getting.

and while it may be true that Steinberg are continuously innovating and keeping their products compatible with OS developments, the same cannot be said for project compatibility as evidenced by the fact of history, ie even SX3 will not import VST 32 files, as something like Cubase Elements will not import so-called “full version” product project files.

From VST 32 to SX 1.0 Cubase got a new audio engine. They would have completely removed the old audio engine, thus making the old files unusable. If they HAD left the old engine, I can imagine it would have caused havoc.

A stripped down version of Cubase not opening the full version’s files?
There’s X number of things that Cubase implements that Elements does not. They’re essentially two different programs. A more comparable question would be “Can Cubase Artist open Cubase files?”

Again, it’s more about which things won’t appear but between Elements and Cubase 6 (I’ve tried both) they are pretty much compatible at all levels bar Groups/Effects.

It’s about coding changes. With programming, it’s better to be sacrificial than nostalgic. Even one line of code from an old, outdated engine or something can wreak havoc on a program’s stability and performance.

Which are stored within the project file, making a Cubase 6 project file have something that Elements doesn’t know how to handle.

Elements does load FX send channels, it only won’t let you instance new ones.

The audio engine “code” is completely separate to mixer code, which is separate to VST layers etc, which is by (excellent) design and is essentially what makes Steinberg the DAW market leader.

It’s is purely a marketing decision on Steinberg part why they won’t trail along the hold out’s and other shady characters.

All I am saying is, having a version such as SX3 available for use/download is largely redundant due to the liberal approach of Steinberg towards demonstration software.