Is MIDI Learn for AUv3 Parameters not Possible?

This seems like a question that would have been asked many times on here, and should be in the manual, yet I can’t find it - so, apologies if this is tedious.

I can’t figure out a way to do simple MIDI learn for things like assigning a filter cutoff in an AUv3 (any) to my controller (happens to be Launchkey mini but I have tried it on an M-Audio as well.

This may be more technically difficult than I realize yet other apps such as NS2 and BM3 have implemented a “macro” scheme where you can assign AUv3 parameters to a ‘macro’ knob and control it that way.

What is the secret in Cubasis? If it isnt possible is it on the roadmap in the near-term?

Hi @BirbHope,

Thank you for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum.

Please have a look at our Cubasis 3.3 tutorial to learn how to use MIDI Learn in Cubasis:

Please note that MIDI Learn is limited for internal Cubasis features.

However, Cubasis also supports MIDI Learn for AU plug-ins, if these include MIDI Learn support themselves (e.g. as it is the case for 3rd party apps such as Zen and a few Sugarbyte plug-ins).

Hope that helps!


Thank you Lars.
You were right - I was trying to do it with a few synths that didnt have obvious MIDI learn features (but were visible in the above mentioned hosts via macros etc).
When I loaded something like Zeeon that has a MIDI learn function which is accessible in it’s own UI it worked inside Cubasis.

Thanks again.

Hi @BirbHope,

Thanks for your message!

If you stumble on an AU plug-in which does not support MIDI Learn, I’d recommend to get in touch with the app vendor to let them know that you want to see it.

Maybe this helps to let them know about the demand.

Enjoy making music
& stay safe,