is Steinberg partnered with Yamaha now?

Please tell me Cubase is NOT partnered up with Yamaha.

There are changes in Cubase that very scarily suggest that all-too-familiar “we dont know usability” of Yamaha.
I’ll wait to find out if it is a partnership, but know this:
Besides for Pianos, Yamaha has never been able to sell ANYTHING digital audio related.
In 20 years of producing professionally, I have tried 3 Yamaha pieces of hardware, and the way
they were put together from a USABILITY/MUSICAL standpoint was reflective of a bunch of
very retarded people.

Real-life evidence?..let’s see…
Name 10 famous German composers. You may include Bach, Beethoven, Mendellsohn, Mozart, and Schubert.

You have effectively killed this user forum. Last year there were 100,000 users.
Right now there are 7,000.

KEEP YAMAHA HANDS OFF OF CUBASE. I PROMISE with God as my witness, they WILL change things
into un-usable retarded garbage.

Still waiting for answer though: is it a partnership? Because if it is, I will expect the heartbreaking, slow death of the only DAW I can work with: my beloved Cubase.

lol i think you’ve missed the boat by a couple of years or so… quite a lot of the nice new tech in cubase has come pretty much directly from yamaha as a result… have to admit whoever designs their hardware interfaces must’ve had some BAD acid at some point… their synths produce some great sounds but have to agree on the crappy programming systems.

I must, respectfully, disagree!

I was thrilled when Yamaha bought Steinberg.
Yamaha’s analog and, particularly, digital consoles have been ground breaking and standards in trucks, live installations and studios the world over. Can’t tell you the number I’ve worked on. Love their digital boards.
I figured this might finally give Steinberg - who’s software walks all over Pro Tools . . .well, mostly - the muscle to introduce some tightly integrated Hardware/Software combinations.
Unfortunately, they’ve concentrated mostly on the Home/Starving Artist market. I guess it’s an economic thing as that is a lot of their market - and a big one.
And I also admit I was not impressed with the MR816.
But I maintain faith.
I know that introducing the YAMAHA C Command (get it? D command? C(ubase) command?) or N Command (Nuendo) is probably not economically feasible given their current market. But what I’m hoping for is that as Yamaha introduce new firmware for existing consoles and totally new consoles they exponentially increase the integration with Steinberg’s products.
In this way they can get return on investment from the stand alone console market as well as expanding Steinberg’s potential client base to the serious pro market.
(I know Steinberg is already there to a small degree but Avid bough Euphonix so there goes that one . . )

My opinion.


Using the MR816csx…it’s an amazing enhancement to Cubase and has been trouble free for me. As far as I’m concerned, Yamaha and Steinberg are on a roll!

In late 2004, announced the sale of Pinnacle Steinberg to Yamaha, which are to date the parent company remained.

I know yamaha since the late 80s, from the DX7 to the Motif series, every synth was in my studio.
Yamaha was established in 1887 as a piano and reed organ manufacturer, and is now the leader in production of musical instruments.
Yamaha has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments (including pianos, “silent” pianos, drums, guitars, brass instruments, woodwinds, violins, violas, celli, vibraphones and saxophones). And think about the very good life mixers, PA, digital mixers like DM- or O-series etc.
Sorry man, you’ve missed sooo much… :wink:

correct. but this is also the fact that many users have used pirated software of cubase earlier, and the old forum were at least 6 or 7 years (?), no surprise that the amount of users was so high. Cubase is getting better and better and lead more stable and less errors - and many users write only (!) in forums when they have problems. And this new forum is there for only a few months, started in the end of 2010…

Nonsense. I prefer a music group over than what Apple has done with logic. Apple has logic exploited and ruined, we know what happened there.
But think about REVerence or PitchCorrect etc. in Cubase/Nuendo, these are all yamaha’s own developments.

erm…have you seen this new plugins?
or that?

the hardware?

These are all developments by yamaha/steinberg. Without yamaha we would not have them.
Steinberg is an independent company, despite the takeover of yamaha.
On the edge, for me this is an absolutely positive fusion, even if it takes longer for products to appear on the market.

And I hope we will see a lot more hardware - especially big and expandable controllers (!) for cubase.


I’m considering buying the new Yamaha MOX6 keyboard, looking at the promotional videos the integration with Cubase is superb

It’s Yamaha who will benefit from the Software experience of Steinberg, not the other way around.

I think it’s a great marriage too. I bought the MR816CSX, and I’m really happy with it. I could be wrong, but I think Yamaha is improving customer service for Steinberg, which I’m sure Steinberg had difficulty keeping up with. They must have optimized something there.

ANYONE who has actually used C6 / a couple of Mr816csx, & the CC121 as part of their daily workflow, appreciates the above remark as tosh!.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of using Large format desks (SSL/Neve/ etc) and Digital recording systems such as Otari Radar 24, Sadie / Potool HD. Of tuning studio sessions under pressure etc, The above Steinberg Yamaha Combo is unbeatable in any aspect.

What you get now value for money wise, and audio quality wise (Darlington D’ pres - 16 of the beauties!) Software Arrangement & composition,Audio Recording ,Physical interfacing & manipulation of parameters, Signal Tracking & Routing etc etc etc , A Hi quality input path & TOTAL RECALL of all Automation. The benefits…

…just simply beggars belief, which is why many of us put up with it! :smiley:

whenever Steinberg & Yamaha decide to make a bigger CC121 with more channels and knobs…somebody kick me! …what a glaring market omission!!! just think how many of us would buy a yamha built dedicated audio controller & midi interface designed for cubase,for under 2 grand. :astonished:

i had cubase on version sx2/sx3 and sold the licence cause it was buggy as hell on mac. now on 6 i bought the licence again. good job steinberg! very stable here. i might even thought that yamaha put you right - you gotta give what we pay for…

Yamaha = professional. My old Yamaha MD8 was gob-smackingly brilliant - I could never fathom why so few people used them, I suspect that the minidisc format (wrongly) put people off. I’ve always associated Yamaha with great soundscapes (and editability) in their keyboards and modules, with the slight reservation that SOME of the sounds could be “clinical” and devoid of character. The Yamaha Grand Piano (the big one that needs a truck to move it) is second to none. Their motor bikes ROCK! If Steinberg wanted a partner - who else would we have voted for? Roland? Naa - they don’t make motor bikes.

Yamaha are happy to break new ground. Excellent! All Steinberg needs to do is guide the Yamaha accountants away from mass market philosophy (bedrooms) towards a more professional customer base.

IMHO :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a joke thread, right?.

Beautiful… don’t you think :stuck_out_tongue:

Got to chip in. The union with Yamaha was as important to the industry as Apple buying Logic. Market’s getting tight and IMHO only a move like this could have kept Steinberg in the picture. As it is the programme has never been better. Studio One and Live have pushed hard but have never (and may never) catch up properly. There’s also the fact that so many people use it on Macs when they have a cheaper (technically industry standard) option. That really impresses me.

I have developed the habit of not mentioning Cubase in other studios because very often the conversation goes like this…

Me-“why don’t you just pitch"x” up to there and stretch"y" that far…
Engineer - “ummm…you can’t do that with this programme”.
Me- “…oh!”

As an instrumentalist, Yamaha has featured a lot in my life (presently saving up for their “Silent” bass - just perfect) - they have brought the terms “mass production” and “quality” very close together.

I for one couldn’t be happier. :smiley:

Wow,i totally disagree with the OP.
In the contrary, Steinberg got better with this partnership.
By my experience,Yamaha makes excellent quality products.Perhaps not so innovative,but as most Japan manufacturers very trustworthy. I think that we are starting to see the results now with Cubase 6

Well I used an O1x for many years. It was totally reliable. I was initially worried about the longevity of the motors, but soon forgot this as my confidence in it grew.
Cubase is continuing to get better.
Lets hope we get some interesting new instruments for future versions.

A simple search on the Internet would’ve provided. But I’ll take a crack at it.

Yamaha acquired (i.e. purchased) Steinberg in late 2004. This is quite a while back, and they are still going strong.

So the heartbreaking change you are preaching, ultimately has resulted in Cubase 6 and MR816, CC121 and CI (that can be supported since they own the rights to the hardware). I’d say that is a better situation than before, when they had to enter so called “partnerships”, to be able to provide custom hardware for us. This proved disastrous, because when the contracts were up, support usually ceased. Midex 8 is an example of this, ceased in 2003. A driver for Windows 7 will not be provided because of the way these partnerships worked.

Yamaha makes excellent hardware, Steinberg makes excellent software, so if anything, this should prove to be a great improvement for both companies. Of course, I am sure Yamaha CAN decide to change things around with Steinberg (unless decent agrements were made) but why should they? Steinberg is one of the few innovative DAW creator companies around. Yes, others do invent things, but not like Steinberg. Look at ASIO, VST3+ and beyond. Everybody else is worried about a little change, but Steinberg keeps on moving.

Yamaha isn’t a lacking in the innovative department either. Take a look at mLan, as an example.

Anyways, am I biased towards Steinberg? Not really, I simply enjoy Steinberg products, which I guess you can label as being biased. But in that case everyone is biased, one way or another. (I AM annoyed with the lack of Midex 8 support, but that shows I am also critical of them.)

Hi everybody,

I own a few Yamaha pieces:

a Clavinova CLP-990 digital piano, excellent sound;
a professional sampler A-5000, fully upgraded and expanded;
a 32 channel Digital Mixing Console 01V96, fully expanded.

I still find them quite good.

I reckon the acquisition of Steinberg by Yamaha was a sort of necessity. This world is becoming all-digital, all-virtual, all-software. Yamaha has always been the opposite: all-hardware.

So, this “marriage” wasn’t exactly a “love-match”…

Just some of Yamaha’s incredible music range let alone all the other things they do.

You have to give them at least some credit.

No answer, Phlange!!? :astonished:

You’ve got a right to your opinion of course. Many here extolling Yamaha’s contribution would probably have been just as cross with Steinberg at some point but that’s how much of a difference Yamaha has made. Your experience with them seems quite singular and I, for one, am sorry you can’t think better of the parent company.