Is there a 32bit installer for Cubase 9.5 Pro

Hi there… I’m a brand new user.
I have a 64bit OS (Windows 7 pro 64bit) and I’ve successfully installed Cubase 9.5 Pro 64bit. Everything’s good.

Since I still have some 32bit plugins that I might want to use I thought that I’d run the installer again and install
the 32bit Cubase.

When re-running the installer I did not see an option to select a 32bit version.
** IS there a 32bit version of 9.5 Pro?

I think the last version that was 64 + 32 bit was Cubase 7.

Support for 32 bit plugins is dropped, they get blacklisted. As a workaround there’s JBrigdge available and also a tiny ‘hack’, to be found in this post:


I strongly recommend just buying jBridge and using these 32 bit plugins in Cubase 9.5 instead.

The last version to have a 32 bit version was Cubase 8.5. You can download it here: