Is there a chance for a Linux version in the future?


while Microsoft produce such a large number of problems with patches and upgrades - and I don’t see an end - and Apple seems to have similar curiosities…is there a chance to see in a not so far away future a Linux version?

And if not, may I ask what prevents to develop a version for the Linux OS base?

To be clear: I don’t want to start an OS discussion. I’m just tiered of the jabberwocky MS serves with every patch/update…

Thanks for an answer and thanks for SpectraLayers. Since its move to Magix (from Sony) I refused to upgrade.The more I’m happy that this software found now a place at Steinberg and perhaps it would now deserve the attention it should had been given before.

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Not specifically SpectraLayers related, but you might find some friends in this thread …

+1, at least keep the idea of a Linux version under consideration please.

The way Windows is going, you will soon no longer own or control your computer and I don’t want to have to go back to a network-disabled older version just to run music software in a stable and secure environment. But let’s not reheat all the same arguments here, that other thread is long enough – I just wanted to +1 the idea.

Thanks for your comments. I wasn’t aware of the other thread so thank you for pointing on this…

Sorry for opening another thread for the already given discussion…

Not at all, no need to apologise! That other thread is my long-running rant calling for the option to have already-multi-platform applications such as Cubase available for Linux as well as Windows and OSX. The more applications ported, and the more people calling for it, the better!

My appeal to not reheat the same arguments here was aimed at the people who have already sufficiently voiced their vehement opposition (for whatever misinformed reason) to Linux in general (and indeed the entire concept of open-source software) over in that other thread.

Just to summarise:
– I am looking for Linux alternatives rather than the elimination of Windows and OSX (and/or world domination)
– having a Linux version would not diminish the existing offering; nobody except Steinberg could even know that
– a Linux version would not make you blind, steal your job or cause skin rashes

FWIW, a Linux version of SL is technically possible. But it’ll only happen if there’s a large move of the audio industry to Linux… Which is a big if.

Thanks Robin for replying (thanks also to MSoundman for the kind words), and the statement for the fundamental technical possibility.

I understand the position of “a large move” for the audio industry. But “if” means also: “if” no one starts nothing will ever change. And being the first one can start the whole thing.

In a serious German computer magazine (called “c’t”) is an article about high latency coming with the version 1903 of Windows 10. Someone ask about what he can do against this latency and the upcoming drop outs.

The answer was, that there are a couple of tips and tricks but with no guarantee that a solution could be found.

That makes it tricky to be sure to have a “good version” of Windows 10 for a clean install for DAWs. Every update is an enormous risk and Microsoft ist no longer computable. Also Steinberg (and all other companies in this branch) must see this and surely they have their difficulties…

But this is not a SpectraLayers issue in first place…

Perhaps certified computers or components could help reduce this wide field of problems…other branches didn’t have a problem with this kind of solution or they set named parts as requirements…

In short, Windows, as an operating system for audio, has become non-deterministic; Steinberg should consider delivering the entire stack.