Is there a fast way to convert triplets into sextuplets?

Hello - Is there a quick way to convert these 4 sets of triplets into two sets of sextuplets in Dorico?

I didn’t see a way, but I certainly could have missed something.

Thank you for any help.
convert to sextuplets possible.png

If you’re in Dorico v2, then there’s a fairly quick way to do it.

  1. Turn insert mode on.
  2. Delete the triplet numbers - the notes should turn into regular 16ths/semiquavers.
  3. Select all the notes.
  4. Type ; then 6:4, then hit Return.

If you’re in Dorico v1 then no, I don’t think so.

In Dorico v1.2 you could:

  1. Turn insert mode on.
  2. Delete the triplet numbers.
  3. Select and then cut all the notes (Cmd/Ctrl-X).
  4. Set the caret where you want the sextuplets to start.
  5. Type 4 then ; then 6:4 then Return.
  6. Type 12 really low-pitched 16ths in.
  7. Select the first of them.
  8. Type Q (for quord entry) then L (for lock duration)
  9. Paste (Cmd/Ctrl-V).
  10. Select the whole lot again.
  11. Go Edit > Filter > Notes in chords > Bottom notes or single notes.
  12. Carefully Ctrl/Cmd-click the sextuplet numbers to deselect them.
  13. Hit Delete or Backspace.

I probably wouldn’t bother with this madness - it’s quicker to retype the pitches, even on a computer keyboard, and a damn sight quicker on a MIDI keyboard.

I’ve paid for v2 :wink:

Brilliant. thanks. (I’ve paid for v2 as well :wink:)

One interesting byproduct of insert mode for this use case where the linear expansion of the player’s content is temporary, is that you end up with an extra blank bar or two at the end of the score when all is said and done. of course, easy to trim that off. I don’t suppose there is a way to contain an insert to a specific range?, for instance the triplet to sextuplet edit is followed by a number of bars of rest so it wouldn’t collide with other music.

Quick tip that you can type 6/4 instead of 6:4, which is easier to do with one hand quickly (no shift key required for the slash versus the colon)

Well, of course, this will depend on your keyboard language :wink: