Is there a reason why Nuendo's "AmbiDecoder" only allows for a maximum angle of 90° for "Pitch"?

Title says it all: Is there a reason why Nuendo’s “AmbiDecoder” only allows for a maximum angle of +/- 90° for “Pitch” instead of the expected 180°?

If it’s related to the headtracking, pitch (and even roll) can have an arc of +/- 90°. Beyond that value, you’re floating in space…

In any case, I imagine that for a yaw of 0° and an increasing pitch value (a rotation in the median plane), once you pass the 90° mark, the yaw jumps to 180° (or -180°) and the pitch now decreases.

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I understand that in case of head-tracking. But I need full 180° rotation for all three axes individually when I need to get a feel for the orientation of an Ambisonics mic that (possibly) slipped out of place during recording.

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doesn’t the free (and excellent) IEM suite have something that can do more than 90 degrees ?

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Yes, the IEM “Scene Rotator” is what I use for 3D anyway, but I wanted a second option for a simple stereo decoding that I can share among the team - that’s why I ask. :slight_smile:



my understanding is the various Steinberg ambisonic tools are a bit broken anyways so probably best to avoid.

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That is a damning statement. :grinning:
I may be old-fashioned, but if I offer a software with a certain function, then it should work. Otherwise, I leave the feature out. Having a function that exists but no one can really do anything with is (almost) useless. (And I’m not talking about bugs. They shouldn’t be, but they can happen.)

But before I become unfair: What exactly doesn’t work with the Ambisonic plug-ins that you call them “broken” @Dr.Strangelove?

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as you know - steinberg software occasionally comes with bugs. Here’s just one example of the AmbiDecoder getting it wrong:

not my video - it’s looks to me like another channel order screwup - it seems SB can’t get it 100% in it’s own software :slight_smile:


Really? I’m sure I would have noticed that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing:

Then I hope Steinberg fixes the problem.
Every now and then they listen to us and something works as it should.

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very occasionally, yes they do - although it’s like herding cats.

I’ve said this so many times over the years, but if they actually took the trouble to properly engage with us on this forum they might actually find it beneficial for everyone.

unfortunately that is not the “Steinberg Way”

Since I am still new to this forum, I lack experience in this regard.
Of course, it would be a shame if Steinberg doesn’t use this forum as a resource to improve their products. After all, they program software like Nuendo for us users. And no one knows Cubendo better than us users. Many of us work with Nuendo or Cubase on a daily basis. A manufacturer cannot get a better “quality control”. (Especially not one that is so cheap. :laughing:)

Steinberg are very clear that this is a USER forum and not a SUPPORT forum.

In reality it is actually a support forum too - PG does a great job over at the Wavelab forum - The VST connect team are very active in their forum.

This official designation of a USER forum only works in the favour of Steinberg. It means they have no obligation to post or even visit it. As a general rule they prefer to not answer questions or acknowledge bugs here.

it’s interesting to see Timo’s posting history to get a feel for how SB treat the forum

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Maybe I’m missing something, but just put the IEM SceneRotator before Nuendo’s ambidecoder (set to 0° on all rotation axes) and you’ll have what you want.

Thanks for the suggestion. However, I don’t really understand why the SceneRotator in a “no changes applied”-state would help in that case …?

But I’m looking for an “out-of-the-box” solution without the need for 3rd-party tools for several reasons anyway. :slight_smile:

I was suggesting to do the rotations with the IEM SceneRotator just before Nuendo ambidecoder. The ambidecoder is left on 0° on all rotations.

Ah! Sorry, I misread your suggestion. Good input! But like I wrote … :slight_smile:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
It has just been forwarded to the dev team for further analysis.

Many thanks,

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Thanks for taking care! Highly appreciated.

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After reconfirming with the dev team: this is correct behaviour.
This pitch paratmeter represents the tilt/angle of the head movement (look up) and this is 90°.

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IC. This might make sense in case of the head-tracking-dependent “Headphones” mode - but in “Speakers” mode this seems to be an arbitrary restriction without benefit. Please ask your developers to change it. Thx!

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