Is there a way to access controls in Dorico with AHK?

I am trying to write some AHK scripts to use with Dorico but I am not able to access controls of the program (like I can in Finale and other programs) without resorting to keystrokes. Is there a way I can do that?

P.S.: I am not a software developer…I just like programming.

I’m using AHK for nearly everything I can think of wanting to do in Dorico. What exactly are you wanting to do that you’re having trouble with?

If you’re wanting to use functionality that uses menus, here’s an example:

send !e {Up 5} 
send {Right} 
send {Up 2}
send {Right} 
send {Enter}

The keystroke “!” is “alt,” which accesses the top menu. This script assigns F4 to “move all notes to Voice 1.”

Yes, I know that. I do it like that, but sometimes it fails. I am specifically trying to use the





I’ve been trying to look at the documentation for SendMessage/PostMessage but unfortunately the links Google gives me turn up 404 errors. But I suspect the issue could be that because Dorico is a Qt-based application, it doesn’t necessarily present itself to these kinds of applications in the same way as native Windows applications, and you might not be able to use the same techniques you can use with other common or garden Windows apps. Just a guess on my part, though, as I can’t find out anything more about what SendMessage/PostMessage are trying to do.

This link worked for me:

Thank you Daniel for taking the time to see this.
Yes, it is because of Qt. I even tried a software called GammaRay (it took me one day to figure out how to build the application) to see if I could find anything helpful, but unfortunately not. I think it is not possible after all and I’ll have to settle for sending key strokes.

Right, thanks for the link. The documentation shows AHK using Win32 calls directly, and that definitely won’t work in a Qt application, I’m afraid.