Is there a way to avoid cycle markers overlapping?

Is there a way in which i.e. marker 5 can be placed in the second line where it has enough space instead of overlapping the first occupied line?

By having multiple marker tracks, you can place markers where you want them, in order to not overlap. Moving a marker from one marker track to another can be easily done by drag&drop.

ok, but I´d prefer to extend marker´s track heigh than adding another track.
I´m looking for a solution without modifying the marker track as it shouldn´t be needed.

those are the options

so then I guess it can be considered a bug as there is empty space for that marker in another lane.
Besides, I discovered that if I shorten the long upper marker by the left and then return to its position that marker goes to the lower lane and the other markers fit in second lane, hence the problem is solved but why isn´t this done automatically occupying empty zones?.