Is there a way to change how selected objects look?

In Nuendo there’s only a thin red line around whatever object you select, which is extremely easy to miss/not see. In Cubase the selected objects turn completely black (with inverse waveform/data/etc. so you can still clearly see them), which is very clearly visible at all times and at all levels of zoom. It’s surprising that Nuendo would make it more difficult to see!

Is there a way to change this so that the selected object is much more obviously selected? 1 I have to say that it’s not a clear and useful way to do it compared to Cubase and Pro Tools and others that I’ve used. I do such heavy editing with so many parts of many different colors that need very specific selecting and it’s really bumming me out, so much so that I might not buy it. :frowning:

This is something I feel should be changed ASAP to the way Cubase does it – the difference is significant when you use Cubase.

Whoops. Thanks!