Is there a way to change the window color?

Isn’t a very essential function but in earlier versions the color of the mixer window or other window respected the global SO color layout

But in C7 (running over Windows 8 )only the main window does. See:

Or is there a settings that I’m not seeing?

This is window of Windows, not of Cubase. So you can (I hope) change it in your Windows color settings.

but as you can see, my window windows color is set to light black, but cubase isn’t taking that color, only in the main cubase window

Sorry, I’m not on Windows. But as I remember, I saw very same windows color (different applivcations) on Windows 8. I doubt, Steinberg plot these windows.

Really that looks more like the default Aero theme of W7

The default W8 theme looks like this:

And mine is black, other softs like Adobe Audition respect the color, see:

I see, you want to change the blue one. Anyway, I think, this is Windows thing. On Mac all windows are looking exactly the same.

yes it’s a window color ! if you want change this you must use a “skin program” like “Windowblind” from stardock !

tell us more? I have the same behaviour as the OP, main window follows scheme but other windows are pale blue, I thought this was just something that we had to put up with. The always on top windows that pop on top of any full window behave the same way as the main colour scheme. But if you float the main window and set up workspaces your windows will be …erm w7 esque in pale blue?

or can this be altered?

see project windows here (not extended) with black Skin :

Channel Strip & Plugin (not allways n the top) here :

and the mix console not full screen ;

I have allways the same color full screen or not, or allways on the top or not Using Windowblind from stardock here :


So if I understand this thread we can change the colors of the C7 windows in Windows 7?
My screen is so dark and the the numbers so dark I can’t read the damn thing. I’ll do some screen shots tomorrow.
It has been driving me crazy.

I’m W8

Stardock does not say its W8 :frowning:

mmm quite rare, the export, device, and VST conection windows do take the W8 config color (grey and black in my case), only the mixer and project windows keep that pale blue color…

I think in the Cubase 7 code must be something like “Follow theme Color = 0” or something like that :nerd:

I made a mission to solve my C7 colors problems.
Success. For me the answer was in changing the Win 7
Active window colors.
I will be checking out window blinds though.

I’m looking where to change this in W8, but looks like there’s no such function, I already changed the theme color (as you can see in my first pic)

Same here

I wish it didnt do that

is it a windows or a Cubase oddity?

Well this only happens to me in Cubase 7 over W8

I definately experienced this in C6

on W7 too, but at least in W7 you could fiddle with a few more settings

I have exactly the same issue as the OP. Windows 8 colour scheme set to dark grey.

All other apps then use this colour scheme.

However, in Cubase 7 - some windows pick it up e.g. the channel window (when you hit ‘e’ button).

But…the project window and key editor don’t.

This must be a Cubase bug as it is inconsistently implemented within Cubase itself.

It is just aesthetics - but that pale blue colour sucks when everything else is looking grey and moody!

+1 - I think its inconsistent to have bits of the program follow what you choose, then other aspects sticking with this pale blue

If you change your MixConsole to “always on top”, does it stay the same?