Is There a Way To Do This in Cubase?

Apogee interfaces such as the Element have software monitoring and has it’s own FX send which will show up in whatever DAW you are using. This is to allow a vocal reverb while monitoring.

In their video, they use Logic as an example, and say to create and AUX track, with the input set to the Apogee FX Channel.

But in Cubase, there are no inputs to group or FX channels (that I can find anyway).

I’ve ask Apogee and they said they would have to find a demo of Cubase, download it and see. While I’m waiting I was wondering if any Apogee users have solved this.


Maybe look into Cubases External FX setups they are found at: MENU Items: Studio - Audio Connections - External FX tab. You could consult the manual .pdf for details, and to see if this is what you are after. Please repost if this does help or not. Cheers (these might only be in “pro” and not sure which version you have…)


External FX would be one way.

Is there any FX input bus you can choose from in the Audio Connections > Inputs?

Yes, in Audio Connections, adding an input buss allows me to choose the Apogee FX Send L & R.

But not sure where to go from there…

I’m on Cubase Pro btw…

Also, here is the video from Apogee and you’ll see what I’m trying to do:

Thanks for any help!


Then the steps in Cubase would be:

  • Select the Audio track you want to apply the effect on.
  • Right-click to the tracks and choose Add FX Channel to the selected Channel. (This is the Bus in case of Logic)
  • On the created FX Channel add Reverb as an Insert effect.
  • Enable the Send on the source track.


Well this sounds like what you would normally due to add an effect to a track. As opposed to hearing live reverb while monitoring. Is not working here. Because when adding the FX Channel, no choice is given to choose the Buss supplied by the Apogee itself for this purpose, which you can see I’ve added in Studio Setup here:

Also as the video shows, it wants the FX channel to also have the same send that the original channel sent to it has, while choosing “None” for its output.


Please, don’t use any Bus in Cubase.

As far as I can see in the video, the Reverb is just a common plug-in. So my question is, can you see the Reverb plug-in in Cubase? Is the plug-in available also as VST plug-in, or is it AU only?

Btw, this Reverb – SpaceDesigner - is built-in Logic Reverb. This is not Apogee reverb at all.

would it work to - Add and Audio Track with your FX Sends as inputs?
FX Send to Audio Track.jpg


This is useful, when you want to record the signal from the FX Channel to an Audio track. You can export it, if you use only plug-ins in the FX Channel, but when you use a hardware processor, you can record dit this way.

What they are explaining is different from the normal scenario.

I know how to assign an effect to a track. This is different. It starts out the same, using a send on the track you want reverb on, but that send goes to the AUX channel with the reverb club in (as it normally would) , whose INPUT is the APOGEE FX buss. Then the output of the AUX channel is muted, and the same send as on the original track is put also on the AUX channel. You control the amount of reverb with the Apogee Control software. Works in Logic and Pro Tools, just not here apparently, since AUX (Group) channels in Cubase have no input available to assign. It would probably work if the Apogee FX channel could be chosen as a send from the original track (therefore acting as an input to the FX channel, but that is not a choice in the “SENDS” dropdown.

Tried doing it with an audio track, by creating one with the Apogee Buss as an input.

But there is no way to send anything to that audio (posing as an Aux) track from the original track we want the FX on.

Maddening :wink:

Seems that you are just not getting it just yet - the fx aux send from Apogee is config as INPUT in cubase - you add cubase audio track with that fx aux send from Apogee as the cubase tracks input. You put your DAW plugin on this cubase audio track you have to enable monitoring on this track while you record as you are sending to this aux in the Apogee (by the way you can record this track while monitoring) - doesn’t that do it? Or is it me that is not getting it? I pretty new at this too. It does seem like this is how it is descibed in the apogee manual

I will try this when I get home shortly But I have a feeling clicking the input monitor switch is going to give me a delay… I will be back and let you know what happens thanks so much…

I was thinking it may have some delay as well - how much is the question a small amount can be pleasing just not enough to be a distraction

It has delay yeah. So I guess do it this way…

And forget the Apogee thing. Or bounce a quick mix and do the vocals in PT. Arrgh!

Apple and Apogee are Two companies that have been close to each other for quite a while. I think that what you’re trying to do is only possible in Logic, version 10.3.3 and above. It’s not very clear on their web site but that’s how I read it. Kind of like what Steinberg has with their own audio interfaces. And it only work with the Apogee thunderbolt interfaces. You get that Monitor button in Logic and also some control of Apogee interfaces(gain, +48v on/off,phase, etc) right from Logic’s mixer. You won’t get that in any other DAW.


No, you can do it in Pro Tools too,as well as Studio One. What you are reading about is a direct monitoring thing going on in Logic that works with the Apogee really well. This is different, it’s just a send coming from the Apogee interface. You choose that send as an input into your Aux track, which you can’t do here in Cubase it seems. Note that in the video he chooses the interfaces FX SEND as the input to the new Aux track he makes in Logic. It’s not the direct monitoring button in Logic, that’s a different beast.

well its 4:20 AM here so i may missed the point of this topic !))
but there is a trick to monitor with reverb.the idea is to monitor the input(singer) directly from the soundcard without latency,and monitor only the reverb from cubase with latency but its a reverb so it will be like a pre delay on the reverb.
here is a video on how to route in cubase
just to add to this video,for convenience and practical recording session, of course i would not record on the “reverb monitored” track like in the video( it should be for monitoring the reverb only)
i will create a separate audio track or tracks to record on them

i dont familiar with this apogee card,but if you want to use external FX as a send in cubase you will need to create “external fx” in the VST connection window(F4 ,in the tab its says external fx if im not wrong)
assign the correct input to it and after it is created you will need to add it to cubase like any other plugin.( i use it for real hardware processors to use inside cubase as inserts or send fx)