Is there a way to lock visibility for certain tracks?

In this project, I have a lot of VCA faders doing different things - around 8 to 10 or so.

– Some trim down the volume of groups of instruments without losing the balance I’ve dialed in
– More VCAs control the above VCAs to trim the volume of sections of music without affecting balance
– A few more VCAs control ^^ these ^^ VCAs for automation purposes only (because I hate having to control balance via “trim automation” once automation has been written)

That’s a fair amount of VCAs, and I don’t want to see ANY of them in my project window. Ever. It’s just clutter. That is, EXCEPT the one or two automation VCAs. I love being able to hide all VCA tracks with the configuration panel. It’s very easy and it keeps me from having to manually hide each additional VCA track I create. But I do need those automated VCAs, and they disappear like all the rest when their track type is filtered out.

Is there a way I could lock those tracks’ visibility mode so that they remain visible even when their track type is being filtered via the config panel?

I don’t use VCA tracks the way you do, but the best way to control track visibility is to use the Project Logical Editor. Prefix the track names of those you DO want to say with, for example, #. Prefix the names of the VCA tracks you don’t want to see with ~.
In the PLE in the upper area you want Media Type is Equal VCA AND Name Contains ~
In the lower area you want Track Operation Hide Track Enable

Using Enable and Disable in this way you should be able to toggle the tracks that show. Save The PLE command and then make it part of a key command macro and you will be able to configure your VCA appearance as you wish.
Hope this may help

Wow, this is amazingly helpful! Thank you so much!

I actually don’t know how I’ve gone this long using Cubase and never seen the PLE. Wow! Thank you again…for several reasons!