What is the purpose of this forum? My posts have never got replied! I’m very frustrated by the issue here:

The suggestion there doesn’t work for me either. I really need help. Urgently! I need to get the system running because I have project due this weekend.


Same here.

In comparison with other forums I am active on, the participation in the discussion by people from Steinberg is very, very poor. If you take a look at Kurzweil, you will see that they are very interested in their community, resulting in some interesting posts. It is probably one of the reasons the Kurzweil community is so loyal to the brand.
Need not say that these internet-forums are important to a brand, so Steinberg, come on … it’s 2011, web 2.0 is here. Participate, we are on the brink of the digital ages !!! (Ok, this is a bit over the top. Although…)

I really would like some reaction of Steinberg in these posts:

Halion Sonic Wishlist (the most views as a not by Steinberg placed post !!! But no reaction what so ever yet !!!)

Program Change option for the Multi Chain Please…

Oh great, so there’s still no answer after ages of waiting!!!

Nope, still no reply’s. Just wondering: Don’t they read the forum entries by their customers or don’t they know how to act on it? (Sorry, but I’m really getting a bit p i s s e d by now.) The worst thing you can do is give no reaction at all.

Can someone ask the people of Steinberg at the Frankfurther Messe what the purpose of this forum is in the objective of Steinberg? If it is only “users for users”, then there is no need for me to be here.

I think the forums are meant more for user to user support and help than a direct link to Steinberg themselves. I have been a long time Cubase user and have noticed that they seem to be more present on this forum than the old one.

Steinberg, unfortunately, seem to have an almost universal reputation for having issues in relating to their customers. I was hoping that with Yamaha on board and with some stable management they will get this turned around.

Dàhhh, … this is Sóóóóó 2008!!! :wink: