Halion Sonic Wishlist

Well, here are two:

  • Program Changes select Multi Setups in the Multi Chain.

  • Load a specific midifile when selecting a Multi Setup. (Played from a location on the harddisk)

  • In Stand-alone mode load tempo info with multi-setup

GM compatibility
yeah, I know, I used to hate the whole concept as well, but it has its uses, one of them being the possibility to take GM songs apart and see how the great masters did it, another collaborations before you commit to … disk. Good to have a common sound source. That’s only the beginning. And it works.

Won’t buy HALion Sonic unless it’s GM. Including proper Program Change handling!


  • In stand-alone mode: In addition to the control of the transport buttons (play, stop, etc) by keys on the computer-keyboard also control from a masterkeyboard. A learnfunction on these buttons would be great.

(It all sums up to that in stand-alone mode there is still much to be desired. :cry:
Chris, can you give a reaction to some of my post, please. I would really like to know if there is still something to expect from Steinberg in the near future concerning the stand-alone mode)

General MIDI support with a new GM instrument set is already planned as a new features for 1.5 (source)

THAT … made it much more interesting, not spectacular but much more useful.

Most important thing would be improved efficiency, right now HS is a resource hog.

And is there a way to audition sounds without having to load the entire thing? Browsing gets tedious quick with the long load times.


My wish was that the update would be announced at NAMM.

Oh well…


It was!


:open_mouth: :open_mouth:
Man, I totally missed that!



[*] Scale-ability to larger screensresolutions in Stand-Alone mode. For instance 1280, 1600 or larger.