Is there ctrl + click to snap event to cursor(?) in Cubase?

First of all, I am sorry if the modifier and the name of the function are wrong. I can’t test Nuendo at the moment. However, I really used this function very much in P** Tools and realized that it is available only in Nuendo for Steinberg products.

Is it in Cubase? I am not talking about ctrl + L key command.

Thank you.

Ctl + L works fine for me. What else do you require?

This is Lee Riley’s live stream on Nuendo channel. Around 7:30, he talks about snapping event to cursor. This modifier makes moving events so fast in some situations especially when you are on Video Follows Edit Mode.

Thanks for your answer.

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event snap point

If you’re talking about Set Event Snap Point, open Key Commands and create a keyboard shortcut for Snap Point to Cursor. Then you can use that shortcut in combination with ctrl+L. Like this:

  1. double-click the audio event
  2. locate the start of the “pop” sound
    (i.e. move the cursor to the sound that you need to synchronize to the video)
  3. execute Snap Point to Cursor function (use the key command you just created)
  4. locate the position where you need the “pop” sound to be moved
    (i.e. move the cursor where the “pop” sound should be at)
  5. hit ctrl+L

I finally understood what you’re asking. You would like to “skim the timeline” (so to speak) to find where a sound should be positioned, then place the snap event point using ctrl+click. This would leave you with only one step to do: ctrl+L.

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It is around 7:13 on the video where he talks about command/control + click to move/snap event to the cursor.

I am sorry for the wrong number.