Is this better, now?


and here the 20 characters needed for posting …

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To be truly honest, I don’t quite feel it…
And the limited width, but no graphic separation betwen useful area and useless waste areas to the sides annoy me quite a bit.
Im sure we will get used to it. Eventually…


Yes, we need to get used to it. Can i change the font?

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no, it isnt’t
Its the new world of blink blink.

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It’s a bit like the new Facebook: less information density. Scroll, scroll, scroll…


What are you talking about?

Trust levels / Social Credit System :-1:
Font :-1:
Wasting space :-1:

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Aww… i’m not really feeling it …
the heck no …

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The only way this new forum is tolerable is if I use smart invert on my iPad.

Ok, disregard my former grumble.
After some customisation I think it really is better than before

What customizations did you make that improved things?

Hi guys,
like with many new things, it will take some time to adopt to the changes.
To be honest, it is even a serious change for us at Steinberg. But I believe, once
we all get used to it, it will be a change for the better. Until then, I really appreciate
your patience and willingness to dive into our new forums.



Am taking your word for it, for now (as if there’s anything I can do about it, anyway). But my initial reaction is basically confusion, frustration and… yes, disappointment. For several of the reasons named above. Standing by to see how more forum-savvy members deal with these changes.

Have our signature specs disappeared, or can they be recovered? Will it be possible for them to appear in posts again? That sure is helpful, obviously, when trying to help people out over various platforms and configurations. And the font thing is deeply annoying. Will we ever be able to change our viewing prefs beyond merely light and dark mode?


this new forum for me feels like facebook’s new interface…

I working in Envato platform couple of years, and they using same forum engine. most of people there don’t like it… and now Steinberg :slight_smile:
why not XenForo ? I guess its more logical continuation of past forum

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Just made the background dark, made the font size smaller and changed the starting page to newest.
I can live with that

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Just compare

yes, new tools (paste screen shot & etc.) are great. but past forum was much more informative (imho)


It seems I can not prevent the forum sending me emails when someone answered my post etc.
This is an absolute no go. I don’t want to get spammed from every forum I am a member

I think you can turn off email notifications in preferences, no?

I have only found the option to disable them when the reply comes while I am actively on the forum.

I just changed it to “never”. Try responding to this topic so I can verify that I’m not getting an email…