Is this video presents Cubase 7.0.6 beta update ?

I like watch FMNxMusic tutorials. Unfortunaly they are only german language. But its second time I think in his videos are beta version of next update Cubase 7. Look at the stereo/mono symbols in MixConsole and fonts:

Is this 7.0.6 ?

Aloha s,

I cannot get it to play here. :frowning:
(using four browsers)

Seems to be stuck at 47 sec.

I’ll try again later.


Have you tried five or three instead? :mrgreen:

Weird. I had the same problem- also at 47 seconds. I was able to see the video after a bit of refreshing…

It does have the stereo symbols, and no truncation of track names- even two lines where needed, so I’m feeling optimistic.

mmm nice catch :slight_smile: i hope they had better separation between channels in fader area in MC already in 0.6

Got it! (Tanx serenity).

Lookin’ good Steiny.

Hopefully nothing else broke or got removed. Let this be the one (fingers crossed).

BTW, good find Serenity!


I already noticed in an earlier video from fmnxmusic, that the start-up of cubase showed the 7.0.6 tag.
It’s obviously true, that there is something different to the 7.0.5.

Let’s hope for the best :wink:

BTW: No problem to watch the video up to the end…


Wow double line text in the mixer as well as icons excellent no more confusion over channels :smiley:

Resistance is futile Steinberg , surrender 7.0.6 NOW :laughing: :smiley: :smiley:

Looks like “Freeman” could be in trouble :astonished:

Optimistic but kinda sad that something so mundane as names in the mixer should bring so much joy

No surprise. “FMNxMusic” is beta tester. :wink:

I may come across as a real d%$# here but seems like the beta testers suck because we get so many things passed on to us…(Probably not their fault)
Steinaha refuses to listen to them.

Either way after every update it’s still “Why is this not fixed yet?”
“How the F%# did this get through!?”


Been wondering the same thing ever since the start of C7. This didn’t seem to be the case with C6, so I’m not sure what changed since. Still crossing my fingers hoping this update will be the one to finally get C7 to where it needed to be months ago.

could someone please post screengrabs? i’m on the worst connection ever here on vacation. :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally don´t care at all, what number the channel is… What would be the logic behind that…? Some things are simply personal preference, not logic…

I´m with you, Bredo!
Don´t understand this “mono/Stereo icon left <> channel nr right” thingy…
The icon is great, of course!
But I would like to see channel´s nr on the left side. Yes.

FMNx is an professional audio businesser and has his own big studio, he has produced, mixed and published many records. (Maybe that´s the reason)

In production facilities, track number mappings are THE way to identify stuff. All of your templates are built to a track number layout. You will hear stuff like “+2 on 7 …”

EDIT: But that doesn’t mean they need to be 4 feet tall and bold.

But it still makes sense …

  1. move number/symbol back to the bottom
  2. make number line small again
  3. make number left justified
  4. type symbol is centered or right justified
  5. meter db level needs to be bigger and bolder/whiter
  6. demarcation of track so that you align to the correct fader

These are super simple things that would help tremendously.

Also the generic remote follows this order.

good point
EDIT: But again that doesn’t mean they need to dominate the mixer

Good thing you clarified that; your comment alone would have probably caused the track numbers to increase in size. :laughing: