Issue - Cubase 12 launch Windows Edge, not the selected default browser

If I click the “Forum” button/link in the Cubase Hub, it will start Windows Edge for me. I don’t use Edge and have, in my Windows 10 pro settings, chosen Chrome as my default browser. I think that Cubase should use what ever the user have chosen as the Windows default browser, not always Edge (as it seems to do).

@Bjorn_Ek If you delete or rename the following file, links in the Hub will open in the default browser:

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 12\Components\WebView2Loader.dll

WebView2Loader is a library file that launches the Edge WebView component.

I’ve renamed my copy to “_WebView2Loader.dll”


Thank you.

TY… This was buggin tf outa me…lol

Just a heads up that this workaround still works in Cubase 12.0.60.


And 13.

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Yeah, it works here as well! :smiley:
But renaming a file like that is to the system the same as deleting it or moving it.
And the path to the file isn’t static over all systems so it’s X:\path\to\Cubase Y\components\WebView2Loader.dll
Details … if it works it works!!! :sunglasses:

Renaming the file is better than deleting it in case you change your mind.

Works great!

Yeah, I usually rename “filename.type” to “filename X.type” and it will keep its position in the alphabetical order of things rather than putting an underscore at the front which will make a file or folder float to the top before numbers and letters. Now that’s a nifty “feature” you can use to your advantage if you want to have a file or folder at the top, though. I just meant renaming files are dead to the system so you need to keep track of them yourself if need be.