Issue: Cubase El 12 free trial will not show content (mac sonoma)

Hi. I had Cubase from 2002, but lost everything in a housefire after a couple of years…
After now 17 years I wanna try to play with music again.
I download free trial of Cubase Elements 12 on my mac sonoma. But there are issue showing content in the windows. The window(s) are emty, but show up when i moving my mouse aroung inside the window. It is very annoing… Some text and panels/rollups are not showing at all.
I trying install it again but the same happends…

It is therefore very difficult to use the free trial… So I am affraid the period will end before I find out that I wanna full version.

I am worried that a full install will have the same issue…


This macOS version is not supported yet because of exactly this known issue, which has been mentioned many times here on the forum and there is a support article. The issue is on Apple side.

From the current macOS 14.1 Beta, it seams, it has been fixed by Apple v

Ok, thanks. I must uninnstall it then, and wait for update. Thank you for your answer.

(I tryed searching, but did not search on ios version, only the problem… sorry for could not find anything about it. )


Here is the thread I mentioned.