Mac OS 14 Sonoma and Cubase

I have been a user of Mac for little more than a year. Can anybody tell me how long it usually takes for Steinberg to fix issues with new Mac OS? I have read some threads that indicate that it usually occurs rather serious issues with all major Mac updates. I prefer to keep my computers as updated as possible in general, but I will hold this update off for some time.

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It depends if there are any issues and how serious the issues are. Sometimes you can use the newest macOS immediately after the release. Sometimes it takes some time. It’s hard to guess.

Hi Martin,

Will Cubase 12 be updated to be compatible with Sonoma? Or will we have to upgrade to Cubase 13?

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Wise move. Wait for other folks to jump in first, and if you are on the conservative side, wait for Steinberg to validate it. It could take a few months. There’s no rush though. The “old” OS is still working just fine, and will continue to receive security updates from Apple for plenty of time for you to finally make the decision.

Having said that, if you take the plunge early, please let us know how it goes in the forum! :smiley:



Sorry, I don’t know. Based on the Steinberg politics so far… If Steinberg will release any other Cubase 12 version, then this version will be macOS 14 Sonoma compatible. If Steinberg is not going to release Cubase 12 anymore, only Cubase 13 will officially support it.


I have understood that quite a few Mac users are still using two or more versions older than the current for the fears of problem with newer OS on their music software. I try as much as I can to stay on the latest versions of both OS and Cubase etc so I will update as soon as Cubase release a fix for this. Until then I suppose I will stay on mac OS 13. But it is pretty bad Steinberg have not fixed this yet cause I saw in another thread that other users reported about issues a long time ago when they installed the Sonoma beta.

I don’t think this is necessarily “bad” on Steinberg’s part TBH. The people to frankly blame the most are the Apple developers, who for as long as I can remember, break things on a regular basis with major releases like this. There is NO surprise here. This goes back years and years and years, for anyone who has been using Macs in professional media production.

This is part of the reality one needs to accept as an Apple pro audio user. When you decide to come over to the Apple universe, stuff like this happens. Years ago, I used to get very upset at this, but it’s a waste of energy.

Apple even impacted Windows in the past, so they have a consistent track record of breaking things. For example, when Steinberg used to rely upon Apple Quicktime for the Cubase video engine years ago, Apple even managed to break that more than once for Windows users, then one day just canceled the Windows version of Quicktime, causing all sorts of problems for DAWs that relied on it. Eventually Steinberg decided to invest a huge amount of developer time on building their own video engine, which has ultimately paid off in recent years, but it was a pain in the neck when it happened. But my point is, that Apple has impacted Cubase in many ways over the years, even on Windows. It’s just what Apple does.

As a cross-platform user for many years, Microsoft and Intel are also not innocent. The handle/plugin/static library issue a few years ago comes to mind, and more recently the ecore issues.

Things break on both platforms. But Apple IMO is worse about it.

So here’s what you do: wait.

Just wait it out and Steinberg and/or Apple will eventually deal with it. Hopefully. Unless there is some major regression, and then we might be waiting a long time. But in general, Steinberg gets on these things in time.

BTW I was just reading in the JUCE framework forum that there are plugin developers having issues with Sonoma and plugin update lag. So devs all over the world are dealing with this right now, and I guarantee you Steinberg is in good company with other big developers having similar problems.

So I’d suggest a simple strategy to just wait it out about 3-6 months and let things settle down with the devs. The “old” version of MacOS is perfectly fine with security updates for a while. Clearly Apple did something to %$#& up something under the hood and break certain things that pro audio people rely upon. However, my understanding is that they also increased performance in other ways, so who knows, when the dust settles, you’ll hopefully get better performance in a few months, so it may be worth the wait.

And BTW, there are always trade-offs when you go to one platform over another. This is one of the costs of dealing with Apple. And the grass is not greener on the other side. I use DAWs on all three desktop platforms – Windows, MacOS, and Linux – and there are issues that happen no matter what. Hang in there and it will probably be fine soon.


Indeed, this is a joint effort to address this. Apple is in close contact with us and the issue may be addressed with the 14.1 release. At this point, we can only suggest waiting. Ventura is still a very good alternative to Sonoma. Thank you for your patience!


Thanks, Ed, are you thinking you might release a Cubase/Nuendo 12 hotfix as well? I know C13 is around the corner, but it seems reasonable to get a final final final C12 patch. :slight_smile:

It’s too early to say how we will proceed exactly. It also depends on upcoming developer previews for Sonoma.


Thanks Ed! Appreciate the responses. Hopefully the solution for Sonoma is a quick fix! Have a great weekend! :sunglasses:

I have developed for MacOS for quite some time now, and I agree with the Steinberg way of doing it. Even if you have been testing with all the MacOS betas, Apple might still introduce breaking changes in the final release. Testing during betas is not a guarantee things will work with the official release.

You have to spend your time end resources wisely, and my experience is that you test breaking changes or major framework changes during the betas, and hold out for the ‘real’ test until the official release is out.


As I understand it the Beta has been available for developers for quite some time. Betas are supposed to be a way to find and adress issues. So I think it is a sad affair if neither Steinberg can fix serious issues in Cubase or if Apple can not be bothered to fix if there is something seriously wrong in their release. I have Windows PCs as well so I know there have been issues there since Windows was DOS. That does not make this any less sad.

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Why not turn your sadness into a song?


It’s frustrating I know but let’s face it , it’s a waste of time trying to hit a moving target. perhaps they should work on the big stuff , like if Cubase didn’t run at all, while in beta but Apple have a bad habit of causing issues.
Ventura is a really really great OS though.

Also just stop and think. it’s not just Cubase. It’s endless plugins that might have issues. your screen capture software, your other stand alone software.

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I have not tried it, but as I have understood it is pretty serious issues now. Something about most of the tools and windows not show up at all. If that is the case I can not see it as anything less than priority one to fix.

As for a song… I have never thought about it, seems like a small niche. But perhaps I am wrong, maybe there is a lot of songs about bad updates and software issues. Never thought about that.

You can deal with it on a direct basis… or take one or two steps back and write about it in a more general way… or not at all. Up to you. :slight_smile:

The OS is not yet officially supported. The previous OS works very well. We heard that Steinberg is on the case already - but priority one fix? The world will not stop spinning if it takes a month or so.

I have it loaded on to an M1 pro laptop as a test and I have not noticed any difference yet.

Is it just juice plugs that get messed up ? I do not think i have any so maybe that is why it’s fine.

I have not used it for long though. I played an old test project and that played fine. That contained Superior Drummer and Easy Keys and Spitfire Audio BBC tracks, Then I loaded some audio tracks and edited them, a sample track and a couple of VST instruments. Then some Fx tracks and plugins across all tracks including the master.

So far s good. It’s not my main machine but as a test I have seen nothing untoward in Cubase yet. Still lots more to test of course.


I switched to Sanomia using Cubase 12 and it dosn‘t show any buttons, dropdows or windows. I am using a MacBook Pro i7. When you hover over the area, they sometimes appear.

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Do they disappear for a long time or do they show up again?