[ISSUE] Floating cursor position bar pops up and gets in the way when entering location points.

Issue: When you are focused on any window besides the main Project Window, when you use a quick key to Enter Project Cursor Position, a small window pops up instead of simply letting it happen in the transport bar like it does when the Project Window is in focus. This wouldn’t be an issue if this little window then disappeared, but it stays there and you can’t do things like start and stop, etc. Definitely a bug that’s needs to be fixed, very much gets in the way of workflow.

Repro: When focused on the mixer/a floating MIDI Edit window/other floating windows like that, use Enter Project Cursor Position (I have it assigned to the “.” on the keypad, which makes for extremely fast entering of where I want to locate to) to enter a new cursor position – you will see a floating cursor location bar pop up. When you enter the location then hit enter, you will locate to that position…but the pop-up bar will remain there and you can’t start or stop your project until you close that floating bar or click on another window to de-focus it.

What should happen is the floating bar should disappear right after you enter the new position, or if stays up it should not be in “focus”. Or there should be an option to not have that floating bar. Needs fixing soon. Thank you for listening.

definite workflow killer. Please fix.


I posted a workaround here, please try;