ISSUE : Free Warp causes improper waveform display when stretched


There is an issue where stretching the Waveform with the Free Warp tool causes it to be displayed improperly at various zoom levels.

Reproduction sequence :

  • Select the Free Warp tool (this can be in the Project Window, in the Lower Zone, or in the Windowed Sample Editor,
  • Create a first marker,
  • Create a seconds marker close enough to the first one and stretch it greatly.

Result : The waveform display isn’t updated properly :

  • At low zoom levels, it makes big squares.
  • At medium zoom levels, it appears to be correct.
  • At high zoom levels, it makes squares again.
  • When we start see to see the samples, the curve between them looks like low-poly models from the Nintendo 64 era. (Smooth Waveform Drawing is enabled)
  • At highest zoom levels, the curve turns back smooth.

  • When panning the view on the glitched part of the waveform, between medium to low zoom levels, it create lines it when it enters the view (this is more obvious with middle mouse button).
    The width of those lines depends on the zoom level.
    The cuts disappear when zooming or when moving the Free Warp tool over it.
  • Moving the Free Warp tool also creates very thin lines when moving it to the right. Moving it back to the left erases the lines
  • The Range Selection tool also creates thin lines, but only as long as you hold the click.

Added to the issues list, number 50.

free warp waveform visual glitch 2

free warp waveform visual glitch 3

free warp waveform visual glitch

Can reproduce with Cubase 12.0.30 on windows 10.

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Thanks, this has been reported on the Support.

Also confirmed, as @Louis_R describes, C12.0.30 on Win10 (see sig for detail).

I found you need to stretch out a bit and then back in, maybe a couple of times and at some point the waveform will ‘snap’ into those big blocks shape, shown in the pics.

Recoverable, but disconcerting to say the least…

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Think this has now been addressed in 12.0.40 (item 50 - issues list)

I cannot seem to produce those big ugly ‘blocks’ I could see (relatively easily) with 12.0.30

Tried pop-out window, lower-zone and main Arrange page - all good so far. (Fingers crossed.!)


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I don’t think it is :

free warp waveform visual glitch 4

Hmmm… ok, will try some more later; see if anyone else chimes in…

PS:- where are you seeing this - Lower zone, pop-out, or Main Arrange…? Is it a file you’ve tried before.? Can you try with a new file instead.? (just fishing on ideas)

Happens everywhere the waveform is displayed.

Darn it - have tried four different files now; still can’t see it anymore…

Then show me what it looks like :smiley:

OK, so after your challenge above, I’ve been playing some more.! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Louis_R - yes, you’re right, it is not fixed. User error from me… After stretching, I just wasn’t zooming in enough first, before zooming back out. Suddenly, the big blocks waveform appears.! No matter the file I choose… Lower Zone, Editor or Main Arrange page…