[Issue] Mystic doesn't load correct sound in Cubase 6.06

I’m not sure if this is a Cubase problem or VSTi Mystic Problem that’s why I’m double posting it also in the Cubase Forum

When opening a song (previously created with cubase 5) in cubase 6.06 the softwaresynth Mystic does not load the correct sound and sounds totally different!

When opening the same song in cubase 5 Mystic sounds is correct.

Workaround for Cubase 6.06: After reloading Mystic preset sound (VSTPreset) the sound is correct again.
But you need the VSTPreset! if you haven’t saved the VSTPreset in Cubase5 there is no way to get the correct sound from Mystic right out of the Cubase project file!

Tested with Cubase 6.06 (32bit) on Win7 64bit

Anyone can confirm this?
Please, Steinberg look into this!

Cheers, Felix

I have the same problem as noted here:


most likely something got screwed up between different versions of cubase with how the soft synth’s settings are loaded. so maybe take the question mark out of the thread title so they take it more seriously.

Same problem here:


Helge confirmed the behavior and I suppose it will get fixed in the next version.

I guess its best to stick with 3rd party plugins. lol

since march 8th no fix…lovely.


This bug is still NOT fixed in 6.5.4!!!
I started one particular project in 6.03 -> in 6.5.4 Mystic still loads the sound with incorrect settings although in Cubase 5.5.3 the sound is loaded correctly!
Come on Steinberg! :angry:

this pre-release update resolves the following issues:

  1. Prologue: Fine-tune values are now corrected.

as you can see: only Prologue.
No comment. :unamused:

…which means Steinberg needs to be bumped much more frequently to finally resolve this! :unamused:
(it seemed these Prologue / Mystic bugs were related so I hoped they would be solved all at once)

yes, I think so… :unamused:

BTW: Prologue/Mystic/Spector are the most underrated synths in the VSTi world.

Very bad Presets - but so much potential!
I like this VSTis very much.

Please Steinberg, don´t forget this synths for improvements in the future.


Strange - I just upgraded to 6.5.4 and tried to make adjustments to Prologue and saved them.
When I reloaded the saved settings they where exactly as they where before saving them.

In short - the problem seems to be solved (at least with new projects).
I also tried the same with Mystic and Spector, and that just worked fine.

It seems to me the problem with Prologue, Mystic and Spector where related, so when the problem was solved for Prologue it was also solved for the other synth’s. It is strange the other synth’s where not specified, but they certainly work nice now too.

To be clear - I just tested everything from a brand new project, so I cannot confirm old project files (from previous versions like Cubase 5.5 or older) are problem free. It is also fully possible it is oly working on my system, but this seems a bit unlikely.

You miss the point as it would be complete disaster if it would not work correctly in this scenario. (new project -> save -> reopen in the same version)
The problem reveals with older projects opened in latest Cubase. I just spent some time on testing:

I have a project where I added track using Mystic and tweaked the sound to my liking. Last time it was saved in Cubase 6.0.5 therefore the CPR file is version 6.0.5.
I uninstalled Cubase 6 completely and reinstalled it -> in version 6.0.0 the sound is loaded correctly, in Cubase 6.0.5 too, in Cubase 6.0.7 it is NOT, in Cubase 6.5.0 it is NOT, in Cubase 6.5.4 it is NOT.
With regards to the original post it is obvious that Steinberg did “something” in version 6.0.6 (cannot confirm as I have only 6.0.5 and 6.0.7 update files) and since then the bug persists.

Hi Jonny,

we have tested the Cubase Project you had sent us and the Mystic loads the preset without any issue.



P.S.: Maybe the issue is related to the missing VST Plug-Ins or does it load a wrong preset?

As I explained to Marcus on the phone the issue is completely different…
I explained him the problem thoroughly, sent him the sound samples (for comparison how it sounds in Cubase 6.0.5 and how in 6.5.4) and I also sent him the VST preset I manually saved in Cubase 5.5.3 which if applied in 6.5.4 loads the sound correctly - however if I save the project then and reopen it (still in 6.5.4), the sound is again loaded incorrectly although Mystic says the saved preset is loaded (it is needed to re-apply the saved preset to make Mystic sound correctly again - every time the project is re-opened, making this “workaround” very unsatisfactory)

Now Steinberg has the full info so let’s hope they can do something about it…

Hi Jonny,

I have tested now the Cubase project (you had sent to me) in my own Studio and I found the issue
you described.
I will create an entry in our data base and forward it to the correct department at the Steinberg HQ.




Marcus:- perhaps you can make a ‘clone’ somehow of your studio machine to take into work and thus give access to testers (QA dept), support staff and devs alike, so they are able to exercise fixes/updates on a ‘real-world’ platform…? Unless you have identified specific parameters that are on your studio system, in order to be able to replicate these ‘gotchas’ on machines at work…?

Just saying…

Thanks Marcus for creating an entry in the data base!
If you need additional Cubase project files where the problem occurs, to track down the issue, just let me know and I send them to you.

Regards, Felix

For me, after installing 6.5.5 problems with Prologue, Mystic, Spector and even Retrologue occurred! These are powerful synths, I use them a lot and bought the additional sounds as well, but they aren’t reliable anymore.

In Cubase 7 they work correct, but i do not. So still in 6.5.5 with these issues; Steinberg shake your thing and solve these problems in 6.5.6

Don’t think there is going to be a 6.5.6, the 6.5.5 was announced to be final.
Personally, I do not have the issues that you mention. Ask for a support ticket, maybe SB can help.

Edit, I just read your reply in the other post, so you are trying that already.

Well, this Problem is still not fixed with Cubase 6.0.7 & Cubase 7.0.6
I can’t speak for Cubase 6.5 because I do not have it installed currently on my system but I bet the problem is still present in Cubase 6.5.

The problem as described in the original thread occurs when loading older Cubase files like for example Cubase 5.5.3 projects.

Steinberg Mystic & Spector VSTi are affected by the incorrect sound loading problem!
Prologue VSTi seems to be not affected or it was later fixed by Steinberg with updates.
Prologue is loading fine in Cubase 6.0.7 & Cubase 7.0.6

But Mystic and Spector sound different in each Cubase Version!!!

I attached a Cubase 5.5.3 test project with Prologue, Spector and Mystic to prove the issue and for everyone to test for themself.

Come on Steinberg get the sh*t straight and fix this annoying bug once and for all!

Also Keep in mind all these vsti (Mystic Spector Prologue) sound different in Cubase 32bit & 64bit if in the synth settings under EFX -> SR is not set to F(full) ! When SR is set to 1/2 or 1/4 the sound is wrong in Cubase 64 bit!!!
PrologueSpectorMystic_SoundLoadingTest_CubasePrj553.zip (16.3 KB)

I’ve also been having the same problem with Mystic and possibly Prologue, the sound is not what it should be.

It was working fine in Cubase 5.5.3 Win Vista 32bit, but after I upgraded to Win 7 64bit the sounds were wrong. I’ve reinstalled Cubase in 32bit and Mystic is now producing the correct sounds. Does that mean the problem is working in 64 bit?

It would be a shame not to be able to work in a 64 bit environment just because of Mystic, but then again if this VST doesn’t work than maybe others wont too. If I didn’t have my old setup to use as a reference, I would have never known the sounds were not what they should be. I wonder if others using win7 64bit are getting the wrong sound and dont even know it!

Any ideas Steinberg? Or anyone?