Does anyone experience the same?

When I export mixdown realtime, the volume with which NUENDO 6.0.3 plays back is far louder than in NUENDO 6.0.2?
I haven’t changed the volume-slider which appears when you export in real-time…
One can even see the level-difference in the ControlRoom-meters, but since there is no scale you can’t meter it…

Why is this?
Can we still trust this piece of software?

Any help or same experiences welcome.
Niek/ Amsterdam.

I’m experiencing the same thing. However, it was somewhat louder than N5.5 in N6.02 now it is much louder in N6.03.

However, the mixed file is at the right modulation.

The playback-volume increases about 6db as soon as Nuendo performs the realtime audioexport.
Can’t speak for 6.02 though cause I did the first realtime export today with 6.03

and yes: the control room routing is correct !

With previous errors apparently trashing preferences helped. Have you guys tried it in this instance?

One more confirmation here.

Did you guys try rebuilding preferences?

(Sorry for harping on about this. I understand it was probably lost or overlooked among the posts by the many SB employees chiming in on this)

sorry for being slow-witted: what do you mean with “preferences” ?
My project templates or the complete N6 App preferences ?

As for the templates: yes I always rebuild my templates after installing a new N version

Actual app preferences.

Trashed prefs. Still 6db louder on output.

Same situation, Guys form steinberg please, please check your products before upload it for us. I can;t belive you don’t do at least one mixdown for try if everythink is ok.

I lost few hour of this day with this fake!


No, the exported file is correct, it affects only the playback volume during the mixdown

I like your idea of having them check the software before they send it out. Heck, they might even want to check to make sure boxed version and download version is the same.


Maybe the community should give them the time, then, to check e v e r y t h i n g ?
How about a Nuendo 6 release around 2015? As I see it now, N6 is comparatively well engineered and stabil.
For me, there are no real showstoppers in it, at least not for my shows…

And it couldn’t, since I have never been so valiant to install major upgrades on my
production machines, right away. At least, I don’t use them for production before
I know them well and the usual bugs have been revealed and fixed, like this one will be, soon.

I am quite sure that the first forum members are already copying and tweaking some of their older posts to read:
When will Nuendo 7 be released…(.LOL …). We need it urgently, because Cubase might be a millisecond earlier
on the market and all world breaks down …


Big K

But in this case it worked with the initial release of N6. This error was introduced with the update…

Dude, seriously, you don’t think it’s an issue that realtime mixdown plays back louder in a flagship DAW for post-production? Or you don’t think it’s an issue that it works and then gets broken in an update?

I’m all for supporting software and being realistic, but what people are doing in this thread is EXACTLY what you’re proposing: They’ve waited for the previous “lesser” versions of Nuendo 6 to go through “maturation” - remember the release was 6.0.2, not .0. So we waited while Cubase users beta-tested the basic sequencer for us “in the wild”, and then we got our first release, bugs and/or issues were reported, and SB was pretty good at addressing them.

But it is NOT good to introduce issues in updates. Either someone is completely ignorant as to how people actually work with an application, or their testing is seriously lacking. (And seeing that they released seemingly different actual code in download versus boxed initial release, despite same naming, it’s not unreasonable to worry about their internal testing/validation). Many people will mix a show and then audition the “final” version while it runs in realtime. Imagine your outboard gear receiving a higher level once you start your realtime render.

I might have cut people some slack if this was the initial release with a fix coming shortly thereafter AND if someone at Steinberg thought it was worth their time to at least acknowledge that there’s an issue here.

Now? Not so much.

I overall like what I’ve seen of N6 and would be using it now. This bug is keeping me from doing that.

I might get this whole problem wrong…
Isn’t there the “export audio mixdown” fader popping up for adjusting the “audition volume”?
If this bug affects only the playback during realtime export and not the exported file, which is 100% o.k.,
why don’t you just pull the fader down to your liking?

Please explain, if there is more of a problem to it …
Big K

OK, if this is crucial for your work you have all the rights to be miffed.
Of course, introducing a bug to a new version is not in order.
I haven’t seen the problem for myself. I listen to the final mix and then export it
w/o listening to it. Instead, I check the whole works / the exported file thorougly afterwards.
I understand,for some tasks this might be just too time consuming.
Anyway, I am sure they’ll fix this a.s.a.p. and someone there will have to pay extra into the coffee box.
Big K