[ISSUE] Nuendo Crash using 5.1 output with Eucon

Nuendo 6.0.7 crashes as soon as a track is routed to a 5.1 output when using a Eucon control surface.

I am using Eucon 3.2.1
OSX 10.8.4
Mac Pro 2x2.8 Xeon

Tried 32 and 64 bit versions of Nuendo.

Here is a one minute video showing the crash from start to finish:

Here is the crash log

I have posted about same problem 2 weeks or so ago

“N6 and Artist Control”

What I did get from Steinberg Support is:

Currently the issue appears to turn out as a system specific problem.
Most of the crashes related to EuCon are caused by calls to the Apple AppKit and / or WebKit (also in this case).
So, to bring probably some intermediate relief in this case, here is a list of things to check / do:

– Make sure no web-based applications are running when using Nuendo
– Possibly disable toolbars from the browser(s)
– Perform Repair Disk Permissions
– Un-install and re-install the EuCon adapter

The behaviour has been further improved in the latest Cubase Update 7.5.20 .
However Nuendo users will have to wait some more…
in the meanwhile, it is worth a double-check.

The “things to check” didn’t help in my case. Perhaps we have to wait for 7.5.


Thanks for the info. No luck for me using “things to check” either. Cheers. I see you’re using 10.8 as well, I wonder if Mavericks would change anything.

I see you’re using 10.8 as well, I wonder if Mavericks would change anything.

Yes, it looks like a 10.8. / Nuendo 6 thing. I have N6 playing on a 10.6. system -no such crash. And N5.5. on the same 10.8. works fine too. I thought aboiut updating to 10.9…but I use the same 10.8. system to play PT10 with Artist Control (working rather ok) and hear much bad things about ProTools and Eucon on 10.9. …that I do not dare to update at the moment.


I have done a 10.9. installation on a fresh drive but same Mac Pro. (The one I have the crashes with a 10.8. N6 installation.)
Nothing installed now but: 10.9., Nuendo 6.07, last Fireface drivers, last Eucon drivers…and yes: Nuendo 6.0.7 crashes as soon as a track is routed to a 5.1 output
What I found out (just to be a bit more precise). The crash will happen as soon as this mono track (routed to a 5.1 output) will be assigned to a Artist Control fader (as part of a bank).

There should help be coming from N 6.5. but as that will take some more time I started testing again. What in such a basic installation can make the difference that some system have the crashes, some not. Processor type??? Memory?? Video card?? Audio Interface??

asks himself

Have you tried Nuendo 6.5?

Ok I can confirm that it still crashes with Nuendo 6.5.30 and with EuCon 3.1.3.


Seems to be solved now in 6.5.3. No more crashes. Thanks to the team.