Issue of Search page function in Engraving Options dialog

search page bug?

Engraving options dialog > Bracketed Noteheads page.
When I enter “octave” in the Search page field, the Advanced Options section at the end of the page containing this term does not automatically expand. Isn’t this a bug?

As far as I know, the Advanced Options section that doesn’t expand automatically during a search like this example also exists on the Ties, Figured Bass, Fingering, Octave Lines, and Pedal Lines page in Engraving Options.

No, it’s not a bug, since it’s not something that we designed the application to do. A bug is a defect in the intended operation of the software.

But I understand that you would like Dorico to automatically expand the Advanced Options section in such cases, and perhaps this is something we will be able to add in a future version.

When we enter “bracket” into the Search Page field on the Bracketed Noteheads page, some Advanced Options sections expand automatically and some don’t. Is this behavior intended? Why don’t they all expand? Every Advanced Options section on this page contains the same term “bracket”.

search page in engraving option 2

I beg your pardon, I have taken a closer look at the code and can see that in fact it is the intention that Dorico should open the Advanced Options sections when you search, but it cannot in some cases. This is indeed a bug, and I’ll make sure it gets fixed in a future version. Sorry for disagreeing with your initial suggestion that it might be a bug!


I’m glad that you understand what I mean. And thanks for your support!

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