Issue(s) with external editor on reference tracks in montage


So, my general workflow is using a reference track to feed out through my analogue chain and then capture back into wavelab.
I have the routing as i like it and works great, (and I have gotten to really appreciate what a timesaver the meta normaliser can be in preparing my sessions)
I use clip FX on the clips feeding the analogue chain - Weis DS1 de essing or Soothe occasionally and maybe some DMG Equilibrium.

Here’s my issue:
Lets say as I’m working on a track, I notice some mouth noises or a click or another other issue I want to fix. I hit M to drop a marker.
Once i’m happy with the sound and ready to print through my analogue chain, I go back to the markers I dropped earlier, and select a small section of the clip with the offending noise and send to external editor.
I’ll fix it in RX Adv and then hit save so the fixed section now replaces that part of the original clip in the montage.
Any plugins from the original clip do automatically appear on this new clip with correctly matching settings: but there is nearly always a click at the clips’ boundaries.
I have always wondered if it is to do with delay compensation partly as well, or if it is because I am doing this on a reference track so I can feed by analogue loop?

I’d love to get this working properly.

I would ideally like to then create a Super clip ( internal submontage) of this patchwork of original and repaired audio and apply the clip FX just once to this Super clip.
I cannot seem to get this to work either - Is it possible to create super clips with clip FX on a reference track?

Loving Wavelab 11 by the way, thank you


Plugins on very short clips are never a good idea.
What you should do, is to make your external edits before using plugins on the clips. Once done, use the Bounce option, to unify the clip and its correction(s). Then use plugins on the clip.

Or do the RX edits post-capture which I always prefer anyway for a few reasons but one reason being…if you need to re-work any of the RX edits, you can do it without having to redo the analog work.

Even in REAPER, if I have my unmastered source split into more than 1 item and it has some Item FX, it struggles to cleanly play that edit point into my analog chain.

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Thanks PG and Justin
Its a little annoying, because actually Izotope’s RX Connect workflow in Protools does work exactly and perfectly as I describe in the scenario above.
Doing a couple of edits and a bounce to consolidate an edit I get, and is fine on a 3 min song.
Not so good on long form pieces like 20 minutes or more, thats a bit annoying to fix a tiny click for instance

I prefer to fix in the source, because then I know the master version is clean.
Due to this not working as well as I would hope, I have done some post capture RX fixes, but that makes me nervous.
My current workaround is to work getting the sound for the track as I want it, then i do any RX in the Isotope standalone application and export a new clean version WAV.
I then use the Replace Audio File function in the montage to swop in the clean version.
(love that function)
OK for regular tracks, but not good in long form works.

And can I make Super Clips on Reference tracks btw? Rather than Bounce?
Do Super Clips have Clip FX on them overall - not on each individual part of the Super Clip?



But in Pro Tools, are you using Track Effects? That could be the difference. Clip FX and Track FX work quite differently. WaveLab doesn’t struggle if you have zero effects on the Clips and only use Track FX.

I know the big version or Pro Tools recently started offering Clip Effects but I’m not sure if they expanded it to 3rd party plugins yet.

Justin, that’s exactly what I concluded.
Yes, in Protools it would be track fx not clip fx
I have an HDX system, but the only plug-ins I use in mastering are all native so not on dedicated DSP.
And only on tracks. Even with HDX and Protools Ultimate I’m not sure I could do clip fx even remotely as well as in Wavelab.


I think the bottleneck is the Clip FX needing to start and stop which can be an issue with shorter clips and higher latency plugins. If you try to do this without plugins involved, the edit points are played by cleanly right?

Whether it’s Pro Tools or WaveLab, feeding raw clips into Track FX is a totally different process than Clip FX with heavy DSP and no crossfades.

Exactly. One whole plugin instance has to be used for each clip.

Thanks Justin and Phillippe.

I’ll try some different workflows.
If I do all edits and fixes, can I make a super clip (as an internal montage) on the reference track feeding my analogue chain?
Can I put clip fx on a super clip?. Does that use a single plugin instance?


Normally yes (I don’t remember trying)

Yes. A super clip is “just” a file that is the rendering of a montage.
I mean, a super clip is just a normal clip, but the underlying file is to be synced with its source montage.

Thanks Phillippe,

No I cannot create a super clip on the reference track.
When i choose “Create i-Clip (internal sub montage)” when I hit OK the source clips disappear - no super clip is created.
This function works as expected on regular audio tracks. Bug?


Maybe it was not implemented, I would need to check. The purpose of the reference track it to host raw material as a reference, not necessarily to do all possible editing.

But what about the Bounce feature I mentioned?

Hi Phillippe,

Just got a chance to check.
Screenshot 2021-09-28 at 13.46.44
Bounce not supported on reference tracks.
So Super Clips and Bounce are not implemented it would seem on reference tracks…


Any difference if you solo the Reference Track first?

I’ll Check, but I doubt it.

I did just try creating a super clip on a regular track, and then pasting to a reference track.
= WL11 hard crash. Don’t see that very often

Interesting. I wish I could help but for so many reasons, I do the RX cleanup post analog capture but prior to final limiting and rendering. I’m always play full single clips into the analog chain and capturing them “as is” and do trimming and RX work post capture.

I wondered if there is a quick and dirty solution for my particular case?

Is there a way to force wave lab to recalculate the peak files without closing the montage and/or quitting/restarting the application?

That way I would go into RX, do all my repairs and then save the file in RX
If Wavelab was then able to recalculate the waveform, those changes would be reflected in the montage.

BTW, I have WL prefs set to delete peak files when closing audio files


You could see if this helps:

Thanks Justin, I’ll try

I suspect it only works on missing peak files, but worth a shot


Yes. Same here, but worth a try. Maybe PG knows a better way.