(issue) Upgrade from Cubase AI 11 to Cubase Elements 12

Hi guys, hi team,
listen to my story:
In my Cubase AI 11, it was displaying an offer to upgrade to Elements, Artist or Pro for many times.
Recently I decided to upgrade to Elements so I clicked on the button in the ad in my Cubase AI 11 to follow the link open on web-site. It directly offered me to “add to cart” an upgrade, so I have chosen the upgrade to Elements.
Purchased and received email with activation code. After this all fun just started.
Activation code did not work, it said I am not owning the product I want to upgrade from.
I was checking web-sites, searching for help, support. After an hour I found (in quite complicated Steinberg’ “support” center) the option to raise a ticket.
After there had not been any answer next day and day after I was searching my self and realized Steinberg falsely led me to buy upgrade from AI 12 version to Elements 12, even if I have “only” AI 11 version installed.
So till today, it is the 5th day from my purchase, no any answer from Cubase/Steinberg support team, my Elements is not activated, so cannot work in it…
Any idea from anybody what to do to move things forwards?
…also to who can I report this faulty and misleading ad, leading us to the upgrades which cannot be completed as there is different versions collision?
Thank you.

Hi Tomas and welcome to the forums.
I understand your frustration and although I am not able to help with your issue, may I recommend you add the issue and steinberg-licensing tags to your topic? It will help the right Steinberg support person to find this post.

Thank you for your response!
Based on your recommendation I added those two tags.

Btw, based on this article on steiberg help center:

it should be enough to send me the activation code for AI 12.
So where is the rub, team?

The support team sent me the activation code for AI 12 today.
All is working fine also my upgrade to Elements 12.
So the problem solved!
Thanks all for support.