Issue with No licenses found even if the Cubase Ai 11 activated

Hi team,
(maybe this issue relates to my sadly reported issue before
(issue) Upgrade from Cubase AI 11 to Cubase Elements 12)

In my Steinberg activation manager, there is “No licenses found” even if I am active user of Cubase AI 11.

My Cubase Ai 11 was correctly activated I believe, please check:

  1. my Steinberg Download Assistant:

  2. My Steinberg account on web:

  3. My eLicenser:

Could you please help, what to do and add my Cubase AI 11 to the Steinberg activation manager?
…I do not believe I had or still have more than one user accounts related to this product.

Thank you in advanced!
I believe a solution for this issue might help me to move forward to upgrade for already purchased Elements 12.

Cubase AI 11 uses the Elicenser, and from your uploaded pic, all is correct.

Probably this information will answer your question:

Hello Steve,
thanks for answering, but not sure what exactly I should pay attention to in the article you had shared.
My main interest is to use Grace Period Check.
While I have no my Cubase AI 11 in Steinberg Activation Manager I cannot update to version 12.

Thank you for your help!

…is it that Steinberg Activation Manager doe not work with older Cubase version as 12?
So it is not valid for my AI 11…?
Did I get the point?

Thank you.

Yes the Steinberg Activation Manager is new, and applies only to these programs, so far:

Information on Steinberg’s plans to upgrade Cubase AI and LE users to version 12:

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The support team sent me the activation code for AI 12 today. All is working fine also the upgrade to Elements 12.
So the problem solved!
Thanks all for support.

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