Issue VCA track drops volume of original tracks without notice

This is actually an issue which somebody reported a few years ago, as I read.
However it is still happening on Cubase 12.

I use VCA track to control the volume of some audio tracks, then every time I start Cubase and open that project, the original of those tracks were totally change, there is nothing similar with what I mixed.
Please don’t tell me that I made any mistake, I checked very careful a couple days before posting this.
It is very dangerous for Mixing Engineers. I don’t know if any developer notice that? Since Cubase 10 as far as I know.

By the way I am on Macbook Pro 2019, Big Sur OS.
Thank you.

Oh well, I researched carefully and figure out this bug was there for years, on both Nuendo and Cubase.
Please don’t mind and give us a bug-fixed update soon, it is truly dangerous.

Thank you.

I don’t know what bug you mean. Your description is very vague.
And you didn’t reference what you had read.

There are so many posts we can see, just search “VCA issue”

Most of them lead to my issue, so after reading them I think there no need to report it again, all we can do is waiting.