Issue with mute/unmute Group Channels/Tracks


Just discovered a problem in Cubase 10 latest build (10.0.20) regarding Mute and Unmute.

I have a folder with a set of Audio tracks routed to the same Group (for vocals) and some of these Audio tracks are muted.

If I then mute all tracks by muting the Folder track and unmutes the Folder again the previously muted Audio tracks are still muted.

BUT if I mute the Group channel/Track and unmutes it again, all Audio tracks routed to the Group channel are unmuted, also the ones that was previously muted.

I don’t think this was the case i in earlier versions, but haven’t had the time to check if this is the case in CB 9.5 though, but I doubt it, it seems to be new to me.

So for me this is a bug, and a annoying one if tracks are suddenly unmuted without you realising it when working with Group channels.


I have the same issue. I believe going back to Cubase 7 this has been a problem.

Either the Mute tool shouldn’t work on folders (it’s easy to just use the track Mute button for the whole folder), or Undo needs to work correctly (restore clips within a folder to the state before the folder was muted). I’d suggest doing both.

This is a serious bug because a lot of work can be lost in a single click! If I have gone through and made a number of individual track mutes to create a composite and accidentally click the folder, all those decisions are gone.


+1 Having the same behaviour. It is a little workflow killer


Any progress or comment regarding this issue, it kind of breaks my workflow not being able to temporarily mute groups when trying out various mixing scenarios.

Will this be fixed in future release?


WHAT is going on with this issue? Cubase 10 and still going with this bullshit. I’m on a clock here and basic shit can’t work ffs. I have to save the project under a new name, open the old version and check wtf do I have to do again now.

The logic for solo and mute, and then its application from within folders is a mess, and always has been. It has never worked reliably and so you might as well accept the fact that it probably never will.
If you need to produce stems for example then I suggest you avoid using folders all together, as they will make your life a misery. By all means use them while working on a track for convenience, but pull all your tracks out of them before starting all your exports.
And get used to using the master solo and mute buttons to reset the status across the board.

i’ve had the same issue and think i’ve found a solution in this thread:

in short you have to deactivate: Preferences/VST > Group Channels: “Mute Sources as well” (which is set on by default)

visual metering is a little less clear than before since now only the group channel is muted but the meters of routed channels are (visually) still active, but i can definitely mute/unmute group channels without it effecting the mute-status of routed channels.

and as a major bonus, it’s now also possible to solo send-FX channels without the source being played as well, which is, to my knowledge, otherwise only possible using the control room.

hope this helps.