Issue with upgrading from Cubase Elements 11 to Artist 12


I recently purchased the upgrade to Artist 12 while it is on sale. However when I enter the activation code and click on upgrade it comes up with the error ‘No License to Upgrade Selectable’.

I raised a ticket with support 8 days ago and have had no reply. I sent a follow up to the ticket but still no word.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the error message.

Please can anyone help

maybe this thread would help you out?

No License to Upgrade Selectable - Cubase 12 Elements - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Hi glenn

Thanks for the reply.

This persons issue is different to mine. Looks like he was transfering licenses between computers and that’s what was causing their issue.

My elements 11 soft elicense is on the same pc I’m using now. I’m beginning to think I’ve purchased the wrong upgrade and that’s whats causing the problem.

That is possible, for sure. Did you purchase the upgrade from Elements to Artist when you actually have a LE or AI license?

On the download assistant it shows Cubase Elements 11 and the same on elicenser control center.
Is there any other way I can check what version it is?

The eLCC would be the place to look for which license you have (screenshot would be helpful, with actual license numbers blurred).

The reverse of what I previously mentioned is also possible, or course. Perhaps you have an Elements license and purchased the upgrade from LE/AI.

Usually when you start Cubase the splash screen indicates which level you run. Also the title menu bar indicates this while Cubase is running.

Have a look at the receipt from your upgrade purchase. Does the version level you upgraded from coincide with the version that you actually had?
We had quite a few people on the forum already having bought the slightly wrong upgrade product.

Here are the purchase receipts and a screenshot of eLCC.

There doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary with any of them.

ele 11 to artist 12

Okay, this was going to be my other guess on your situation. According to your eLCC screenshot, your Elements 11 license is now considered an Elements 12 license (Grace Period Eligable). If you open the Steinberg Activation Manager (new dongle-free Steinberg licensing system), you will most likely be able to activate an Elements 12 license. If that is the case, you will need to see if you can get a refund on your current purchase and re-purchase the correct Elements 12 → Artist 12 Upgrade.

Thanks @Scab_Pickens

That does indeed seem to be the case. It’s allowed me to upgrade to an Elements 12 license. However the new shortcut it’s created on my desktop shows Cubase LE AI Elements 12. Does that make any difference? It seems like a overly convoluted system I have to say lol

Do you know if refunds are requested through their support ticket system or is there another way to do it. I have had no response from them in well over a week, so it’s very likely the sale will be over by the time I can get refunded :frowning:

I’ve found where to submit a refund.

Thanks again for your help

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Indeed, it is!

You’re welcome. I hope you can get this resolved without too much (more) trouble :neutral_face: .

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LE, AI, and Elements are technically the same “program”. The license you have determines how many features are available. With Artist and Pro, the same situation applies.

If you have an Elements 12 license in the Stienberg Activation Manager and in your MySteinberg account, that is what matters when applying an update/upgrade.