Issue with vst instruments Hyperion Brass

Hi there guys,

Do you have any news of my request for the following issue in vst instruments Hyperion Brass in cubase12…

I send a repetance of the issue for the vst instruments Hyperion Brass in cubase12. Did you find any sollution?

Message I send since 22/04/2022

I recently bought the vst instruments Hyperion Brass for the cubase12 and found 2 serious issues. 1. Articulations keys do not respond in piano editor as in other vst such as HSO etc. That is, I click on the notes of Articulation for example a Cressento in D# -2 and a Staccato in the key that is mentioned by default, and when I play it, plays that it has been set in the editor in the halion sonic Se. 2. A second issue is that in the cubase piano editor the Velocity of the note I am writing does not work in H. Brass. Hyperion Brass is installed and running through Halion Sonic SE3, is there a problem with that? While H. Brass is a wonderful vst these weaknesses - problems, make it invalid. Regards Dimitris Kambanos