[issues collection] Beware of using Melodyne now

First of all, i post this here, just to warn more people before they start job. (sadly i found it after all day tuning tons of vocals…)

Here what issues you will get if we using melodyne with Cubase 11:

  • GUI of cubase will slow down - more info here, later add video https://steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=310&t=202982

  • After opening same session again, you will lose tuning of blob’s inside melodyne (actyally melodyne will warn you whe you open already tuned event in past session), I’m not sure why, i use Copy tuned event to other tracks & also track Versions, not sure what cause this problem.

  • disk space - (this is not Cubase issue, but better you guys know) i found melodyne temp/cache folder, and weigh was 20gb!

  • Melodyne hotkeys depends of keyboard layout - if you switch to other layout, you can hit a key (q for example) even if Focus is on Melodyne, after pressing Q Cubase will react (this happened only if not english keyboard layout activated. Russian ex.)

I’m not sure where should i post this issues.
I don’t have accont on Celemony forum, so if someone registered there, post this issues to quickly solve this issues



I’ve answered there …

Do you have some reproducible steps for us?

Nothing we can do … sorry.

Windows, Mac?

See you

I can confirm that there is an issue related to copying parts with the melodyne extension on it - possibly related to removing the extension on copies of clips already containing melodyne data! And possibly also involving copies on multiple tracks. I tried combinations of the above, and made a brand new project corrupt in a matter of minutes, so it really shouldn’t be hard to find.

I’d love to give you an exact repro of the issue, but i’m currently i’m too busy re-tuning vocals :frowning:

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… aaaand - it happend again!

I’ve been using nothing but ordinary operations on this project, and twice i’ve lost the entire tuning of a lead vocal due to “project corruption”. Melodyne and C11 is NOT ready for production work! As soon as i am done tuning vocals for the 3rd time, i’ll provide you with a repro of the issue!

I’m not sure what the qualifications for being a Cubase beta-tester might be, but it’s certainly not being an audio professional - and by that i mean someone who relies on Cubase and its (new) features for a living! Throughout my ~20 year experience with Cubase, i’ve found multiple unacceptable bugs in each and every single major release within 5 minutes of testing. And C11 seems to be business as usual …

For the love of god, please consider getting more qualified beta-testers, or better yet: implement a public beta program! Your current QA approach is costing me real money …

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What version of Windows or OSX are you using?

Melodyne 5.02
Windows 1909

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I know this is not a real solution for the actual problem, but I just wanted to point out that with VariAudio, Cubase has a quite competent alternative to Melodyne built in. I’m not suggesting that the Melodyne problem should be overlooked, but it may be a workaround for you to get things done in the meantime.

Me too. Project with Melodyne extension. One day, won’t open. Cubase hangs “Loading MixConsole” on that track. Hours of work lost. The workaround is to uninstall Melodyne. :frowning:

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Shouldn’t ARA2 temp files be stored with the project? At least as an option?

I think that’s a short sited downfall of ARA2 protocol at the moment. And also, there should be protocol connection to ‘remove unused media’ and Backup Project>‘remove unused media’ which would clean out ARA2 temp files from the project folder.

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I just found this post but wanted to add my own experience with this to the conversation. Loss of data here too quite randomly but possibly either from a change of project name (save as) or track versions.

Here is my post elsewhere on the forum

Just an update that I have found the following to cause corruption of data with ARA2 melodyne;

Disable an ara extension’d Track (May recover if enabled immediately after but often a few saves later and the data is missing)

Track Visibility (Tracks will dissappear in melodyne side bar then become uneditable)
Track Versions (this can cause corrupt data after saves or confuse melodyne)
Save as (renaming the project under a different name - even adding 1 character)

Hi @FishCorp just out of interest did you possibly use any of the operations that I mentioned above? I share your pain - this happened to me multiple times!

@ed_ruggers - i was definitely using track-versions, for the purpose of keeping the melodyne session for future edits and consolidating / rendering on a new version …

these days i’m sticking to editing one continuous segment, and rendering often … but it doesn’t really feel all that great! C10 branch had no such issues that i’m aware of …

@FishCorp Yea this was my workflow exactly too. I think I had one experience of melodyne going pear-shaped in c10. Must be a fundamental change to the way it references the actual data in C11.

@ed_ruggers - i think there might be another aspect to this:

I reopened a session with a melodyned vocal (or so i thought) - but only the first part of the vocal was correct - and so, while i haven’t tested this - it would seem that the melodyne data only gets saved if you “commit” it … aka closing the editor - which is yet another issue!

Working through a lead vocal (not to mention dubs) can take quite a long time, and while i’m sure i can be trained to close and reopen the melodyne editor on a regular basis, it seems to be in conflict with the auto-save feature!

Again - this is a clear example of beta-testers != real world users - and once again, i cannot understate the damage this does to the reputation of Cubase / Nuendo … these flaws are so easy to spot!

If you save a file - as a user, you expect it to re-open in the same state! If, for some reason, this is not possible - you expect a dialog informing you that “You currently have unsaveable Melodyne-data; please close the melodyne editor and save again to retain your work!” … but not even this! And - on top of things (speaking from an understanding of programming ) there is already a temp-buffer in place, which is obviously not saved … so why not just save that along the rest of the data?

Grumpy regards,
Rune Borup (aka FishCorp)

Hi @FishCorp

That sounds like a really interesting possibility - I’ll open up a project and see if i can get any changes with it saving in different window state. Could it be something as simple as this? I have noticed that disabling tracks and closing the melodyne window then reopening it by double clicking that sometimes named audio tracks go missing on the track selection on the left in the editor and there is no way to access them. Do you use the editor as a stand alone window rather than in the lower zone? On my last few projects I have been using it in the separate window.

Just an idea - Would anyone be willing to look at or share a small test project file that we could perhaps recreate repeatable steps to show this problem? This could be presented directly to SB and help get this looked into sooner. I have a cubase tech support contact and I’d be willing to have a look or put together a project if anyone else has the time and is happy to help.

(CC’d from a similar issue topic)

Just a short update - I have compiled all the threads about this data loss issue (scattered across the forum in multiple posts!) into one PM that Martin J has now forwarded to the ARA testing/development team directly at Steinberg. Fingers crossed we get this looked at urgently for the next update. Many thanks to Martin for this and for everyone posting about their own troubles.


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