Melodyne LOSING all pitch edit data when doing a save as OR Cubase saves a new version

I have found that melodyne 5.1.0 in cubase 11 (using ARA extension) seems to randomly lose any edits made after a high number of saves OR a save as project. I need to narrow it down a little more but wanted to flag it to see if anyone else has noticed. The only workaround seems to be to do edits and then bounce or render the audio before closing down.

I’ll investigate this more but I am mid project at the moment. This problem doesn’t seem to be occurring in Cubase 10.5.

My hunch is that all the edits are lost if you do a ‘save as’ project and rename/append a character - somehow the ARA link is lost. Going back to an earlier file doesn’t seem to fix this completely for me (its almost as if the data is lost in certain random audio parts) :neutral_face: :frowning:

EDIT: On reflection i have had a few crashes during this process. Could it be that when cubase notifies you that there is a backup file newer than the .cpr and it creates a new project it leaves off the melodyne data that this is where the issue is actually coming from??

Edit 2: melodyne is causing an occasional crash. I have a crash DMP file if anyone would like a look?


Attach the *.dmp file(s), please.

Hi Martin,

Certainly here it is.


Hi Ed,

The crash is in Melodyne. Please, get in contact with Celemony.

Thanks so much for confirming Martin. will touch base with them :slight_smile:

Any updates @ed_ruggers ?

I have also problems with Melodyne and Revoice Pro (C11, BigSur).

Randomly the edits got lost.

I think it’s a problem of the ARA2 protocol. A friend of me has the same problems in S1 with Melodyne on WIN10.

Hi - yes, had the same issue today after a whole afternoon’s editing! Aaaagh! Pressing ‘Save’ seems to be OK, it was only when closing the project and re-opening it to find it had not saved the Melodyne edits.

Me too!! An entire days work lost.

Has anyone had any luck talking with Celemony? I filed a ticket and sent them the crash dump, but they said it didn’t show anything useful.

Hi Marcus, did you find out what was causing this issue? Thanks

Hi Kraimor,

No updates here I’m afraid. The crash dump I sent to Celemony was of no use to them. Have you any more insights into it?


i had some issues with it which was kind of “user” error,Melodyne 5 losses info on nuendo 11 issue - #12 by mozizo
i thought it was solved, but i noticed now when u change a track version that contains info with ARA melodyne to another track version and go back to the version with the ARA, it losses all its info !! im on nuendo 11 but sure its in cubase 11 also (didnt update yet to 11.1)

Thanks for this! Didn’t realise that track
Versions could be a possibility too. I’ll have to reopen the project and have a look if this caused the issue too in my case.


Hi - no I didn’t unfortunately. I’m going back to my old way of working which is to use Melodyne as an insert…it’s slower but it does seem to save your work ok.

This is what I am doing now too. I lost a couple of hours of work at the weekend because I hadn’t seen this thread. Also, I’ve never used Track Versions so if that is an issue it’s not the only one.

I just noticed all the vocal tuning I did is gone. So brutal, man. Hours of tedious work just lost. Cubase has been killing me lately.
I tuned these vocals the day before yesterday, then took the project to my studio yesterday to reamp guitars. Opened it up today at home and noticed all the vocal tuning work in Melodyne I did is gone.

@Miku_Hanna I use several machines and have experienced the same. After hearing that folks in other DAW’s are having the same issue and they have explored it more in their project files, I wonder if it is something to do with the data path to the ARA audio copy that is written into the project file either being absolute or relative to the .cpr and the path is getting messed up between saves/versions/different locations. Is this something that could be passed onto the devs for investigation @Martin.Jirsak?

Good to know I’m not the only one. I’m not sure how ARA is developed but either Celemony or Steinberg need to tighten it up. I’ll be treading carefully when using ARA from now on.

I have just worked on a project with 380 apprx tracks all going into melodyne via ara and not touched;

Disable Track
Track Visibility
Track Versions
Save as (renaming the project under a different name - even adding 1 character)

and the entire process has worked fine. Using any of the above cause data loss for me. A few friends have suggested sticking with melodyne as an insert. I think my machine would blow up trying to run that number into melodyne as audio ‘feeds’!

I’m wondering if it’s a Mac or PC specific problem. I’m on a PC, and Melodyne NEVER retains pitch adjustments between sessions, no matter how simple the project is. It seems that Melodyne is crashing out. When I restart Cubase after a session that uses Melodyne I get a warning at startup that something crashed during my previous session.