Issues double clicking in Cubase, and file association for cpr wrong

Never had this many issues arise from an update.

Is anyone suffering from double click issues.
I am having severe issues double clicking on anything, a little too slow or too fast and it registers as a single click, its causing so so much havoc while working.

I also have lost all associations with .cpr files on windows.
If I right click a .cpr and manually select cubase 11 as the program to default, it will open cubase 9.5.
I even manually selected to open the file by browsing through to program files, steinberg, cubase 11 (cubase11.exe) and what launches, cubase 9.5 ?

Am i alone here with these weird issues?

Seems ok here but I did notice some other people saying they had lost .cpr file association after installing the update. I don’t open files like that so I haven’t actually noticed.

You might be able to correct that, renaming cubase 9.5 to something different. Then try double clicking a .cpr file.
It will ask you for a program to open it with, not finding C9.5. Then choose Cubase 11. You should now be able to rename C9.5 back to it’s original file name. .cpr should now open with C11.
Worked for me when I had that problem, worth a try.

Doesn’t ‘right click’ “open with” - and tick the option for “always open this file with” do that

(not in front of a windows PC at the moment so going from memory)

No, it doesnt work. Even if i go one further and click browse and literally go to the cubase 11 folder and pick the .exe file, it will open 9.5 somehow.

I guess i can live somewhat without the file association until there’s a fix, but this double click issue is beyond workable.
It’s so unreliable i just cannot do anything.

hi codeblack - I know it’s annoying but not ‘totally unworkable’ as you can open the file from within C11.

I think you are ‘possibly’ not understanding the ‘solution’ that paeake or myself have suggested

No i think you are misunderstanding me.
There are 2 issues.

The file association i can live with.
The double clicking issues inside cubase are unworkable, i cannot work, opening midi regions, opening audio regions, trying to rename items, all broken from the double click issues.

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It should work, but sometimes it is like the association gets stuck, and you have to trick it into working correctly.
It is something in the registry that gets corrupted, might be a windows bug. I have experienced it a few times over the years.

lots of ways to do this - without hacking the registry :slight_smile:

No those won’t work if you have that problem. But I don’t think it is a Cubase issue. I have had various programs get stuck on a associations

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I feel like i’m talking to a brick wall here.

Dr.Strangelove i appreciate your enthusiasm to help, but you do not really grasp what is happening here.
It is not about changing the file association to cubase 11.
I have explained that this has already been done.
It believes cubase 11 is cubase 9.5
I can successfully change my .cpr files to open in 10, or 10.5 or 8 if i want to, that all works.
As soon as i select cubase 11, it opens in cubase 9.5…

I hope you are a little on board now.

hi codeblack - only trying to help !

Did you do exactly what @peakae suggested much earlier and rename the cubase 9.5 executable to .bak ?

Yes, removing 9.5 out of the equation only stops 9.5 from launching when selecting 11.
I can still successfully association .cpr’s with any version of cubase except 11 since this update.
With the 9.5 exe renamed it just asks to locate the .msi installer file…

I’ve removed all associations in the registry also, to no avail.
11 is somehow linked to 9.5

Do a search for .CPR in the forum, there are several solutions. In German but still helpful:

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Any thoughts on the double clicking issues inside cubase

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Can you narrow it down to something specific @cbm1? I’m double clicking on midi parts to open them in the lower zone editor, I don’t see any difference, it works like it used to. Can you give me a specific scenario to test?

The missing icon in windows, I too have that.

The associations thing, I get that too. From a folder, I shift right click, open with Cubase 11. Then it launches with 10.0.50 (the oldest version of Cubase I still have installed).

Do you want me to try something specific to check the double click?

On a Mac Osx 11.1 the same file association (10.5) happens but is very easy to change the default to 11.