Issues loading/ finding vst presets for Halion SE3, retrologue, padshop, Groove Agent, etc

I am having issues with vst content not showing up in either the Steinberg Library Manager or the browsers of any instrument that came with Cubase (Halion se3, retrologue, padshop, etc. It is as if they cannot by default load the standard presets usually associated with each. Groove Agent reports missing samples as well.

This is a new install Cubase 11 pro via download manager on Win 10 v 20H2 on Alienware m17 r2.

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

s jones

Do you see the VST files in ~\Downloads\Steinberg\WIN64\

no, only the download exe’s

there is content in programdata/steinberg/content/ (3 folders— groove agent,halion,vstsound)
vstsound files are there but the system seems unable to recognize this

Have you double clicked them?

yes, any file i click — library manager reports—
“no action was performed, the cooresponding vst sounds are already registered”

i might add, halion se3 standalone also has no presets in browser…

So you’re saying the content don’t show up in the mediabay?

Possibly the mediabay needs rebuilding…
You can delete %appdata%\Steinberg\Cubase 11_64\mediabay3.db

The media bay in Cubase is listing many presets, probably all media
that was supposed to come with this install. I didnt browse between
presets distinguishing between hallion,padshop, retrologue, etc.

still, the instruments themselves cannot seem to access this…

Hm… you lost me. Can you tell me specifically how you concluded that

For instance, Halion Se3—
it opens blank as usual in each slot, but if i attempt to “load program to selected slot”,
there is nothing on the list to load. If i click “all instrument sets” area, a small icon shows
in a window called “All”. Selecting this does not yield anything on the list but blank :frowning:

this is also true with the other instruments i attempt to load presets for

should i go ahead and delete “mediabay3.db” and see the result ?

Just rename the file, don’t delete.

and then launch Cubase

i did, .db_
apparently didn’t work. same condition persists. i did notice when i hit the “reset filter” button on the browser that the lists would momentarily flash and then disappeared immediately on the filters pane

loaded “prologue” and the presets list there now, i will try the others again…

loopmash, spector browsers working

but not retrologue, halion, groove agent, padshop
strangely selective issues

actually, browser works in groove agent, but no wave files will load

looking in media bay, i noticed the following:
VST Presets/user content/steinberg media technologies/

groove agent se
halion sonic se

nothing listed in any of these three folders…

these three folders are not listed in the “factory content” area