Issues with mute button/disabled tracks Cubase 11

I am recommissioning a template from older version of Cubase (9?) . I am finding that on some tracks the mute button though greyed out, is still active. I think this is related to disabling tracks. If a track is disabled with one setting for a mute button, its not necessarily true that this setting wilt be reflected again when undisabled. Its really easy to go hunting through routings for s silent track only to find it is this bug


You can click to Deactivate All Mute States to unmute all tracks at once.

Do you have any example project, please? Are these MIDI/Instrument/Audio tracks? Are the tracks saved in the disabled state?

Try this. Create a track (mine are inside a folder) . Create a track, put some music on it and play it. disable the track, enable the track, when the track is enabled it can become silent with no mute button showing as muted. If you then click on the mute and record a couple of times it becomes audible. In short tracks arrive out of disabled track silent but not muted.
At present I am not sure if this is happening 100% of the time here is the project experiencing these issues, here is the project its massive.!Ai7g90pI7-tKgtRsn5eQtVBTe4E2UA?e=70tuPn

I can confirm this. After enabling a track that was muted and disabled, the sound is still muted, and the mute button is grey.

I reported about this earlier for version 10.0.60, but was told that from version 10.5.10 mute/solo is not part of disabled tracks.

If mute/solo are now disregarded for disabled track, the track should have no mute or solo behaviour after enabling, neither soundwise nor button colors. That has been corrected for Solo, but Mute still mutes the track (although not indicated by the tracks mute button color) after enabling the track.


  1. Create an Instrument track, assign an instrument and some random midi notes.
  2. Mute the track
  3. Disable the track
  4. Enable the track

Expected result:

  • Mute button for the track is grey (since mute is not longer part of disable/enable track).
  • Sound is playing.
  • Mute button for the track is grey (OK).
  • No sound (track is still muted) (ERROR).
    Cubase 11.0 (and very likely 10.5.20) / Windows 10


Reported to Steinberg CAN-32528.

It’s a trivial fault, providing you know it exists, but if you don’t you can spend hours searching through the mixer and VSTs, reloading sounds, deleting tracks and remaking them

Another bug. When duplicating tracks with pictures, the duplicated track looses its picture

More problems still. My tracks are in groups. I am finding that often the volume of a track is unexplainably low, but somehow merely opening the VST changes the volume back to ‘normal’. I am using Iconica Euphonium in Halion Sonic SE3



This bug is not related to the topic, I would recommend to make a new thread for a new topic.

This bug is in Cubase for some years already. Reported and known.


Again a new topic, I would recommend a new thread.

Do you mean the Outputs of the Instrument are sent to a Group? Dou you use single out or multiple, please? How is the complete signal path, please?

Yes I am using groups Martin, the cpr I sent you has them in it. The output routing is pretty sophisticated. Forgive me but I am little rusty having been away from Cu base 3 years. I think al these things are related to my first bug reported on this thread. Certainly merely opening a VST(Halion Sonic 3) increasing the volume of a track is a bug. It all seems to revolve around the mute and record buttons in the track and the access to VSTs.
When I get to isolate the exact behaviors more closely I shall post.

Thank you for your interest


Unfortunately I don’t have EW Play here. Could you provide the project, where you can reproduce this with HALion Sonic instrument? Could you write more precise description than “often the volume of a track is inexplicably low”, please? Do you know, when, please?

The CPR I provided is huge, it contains EW Orchestra, Choirs, Halion Symphonic Orchestra and some elements of Iconica, plus lots of other random stuff from Halion, VSL, lots of Kotakt libraries. Some of it should work on your system, but bear in mind its still under construction, take a look at the mixer full view.
Later, I should be able to post a cut down version for Iconica too. Its still under test at the mo


Could you provide just a snipped of it with the HALion Sonic, you mentioned, please?

I will do but it may take a while. I want to isolate the issue first before posting again on this subject.

FYI this issue seems to be confined to undisabling Halton Sonic SE3. Other VSTs do not seem to have this issue. I am still working on this.