Issues with mute button/disabled tracks Cubase 11

I can confirm this. After enabling a track that was muted and disabled, the sound is still muted, and the mute button is grey.

I reported about this earlier for version 10.0.60, but was told that from version 10.5.10 mute/solo is not part of disabled tracks.

If mute/solo are now disregarded for disabled track, the track should have no mute or solo behaviour after enabling, neither soundwise nor button colors. That has been corrected for Solo, but Mute still mutes the track (although not indicated by the tracks mute button color) after enabling the track.


  1. Create an Instrument track, assign an instrument and some random midi notes.
  2. Mute the track
  3. Disable the track
  4. Enable the track

Expected result:

  • Mute button for the track is grey (since mute is not longer part of disable/enable track).
  • Sound is playing.
  • Mute button for the track is grey (OK).
  • No sound (track is still muted) (ERROR).
    Cubase 11.0 (and very likely 10.5.20) / Windows 10