Issues with Real-time Audio Recording in Bitwig Studio via VST Transit Join

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m currently experiencing some challenges when attempting to perform real-time audio recording in Bitwig Studio through VST Transit Join. The recordings seem to not capture the audio properly, resulting in a loss of fidelity.
I’ve checked my settings and configurations, but I’m still encountering this issue consistently. I’ve also made sure that all my software is up to date.
Has anyone else come across this problem and found a solution? Your insights would be greatly appreciated.

Could you provide some more detail of how you have set this up?

Before investing too much time in VST Transit, note the following announcement:

I don’t know whether VST Join is affected by the discontinuation of the VST Transit service, but in any case, VST Join appears to be a dead product.

Also see my post here where I attempt to understand the various VST Cloud products:

Correct, VST Cloud comprisesVST Connect, VST Transit, and VST Transit Join.

That is very vague. There should be no degradation of quality when transfering audio data via VST Transit, or VST Transit Join.