Issues with recording Midi note events

I’m using a Steinberg U22mkII, E-mu midi controller, Cubase Elements 10.5 running on Windows 10 (64bit) Dell desktop. (Using the Yamaha drivers).

Recorded Midi notes appear about 1/64 prematurely. (Very consistant, so I don’t believe I’m playing all the notes off the beat.)

Also, if I move or delete a single note, there is a second note of identical properties (pitch, volume, and duration) underneath the note moved or deleted.

I have read about these issues on other sites and attempted all the fixes. (All suggested changes to the VST setup.) There were also recommendations regarding Windows midi drivers. Unfortunately I could not locate any place to make changes to the midi drivers.

If anyone knows of a fix for these conditions, please share your thoughts.

Thank you.

I’m curious that I’ve received no replies. Is my terminology confusing? Please ask me questions. I am stuck here. Every time I edit pitch or duration of a midi note I am faced with having deal with double entries for every note. I delete the duplicates on relatively short passages, but the longer and more complex would take forever.

i don’t know about your midi controller model, is there settings for multi midi output in your keyboard driver ?
when you record a midi/ instrument track and see duplicate notes that’s mean your midi controller/ keyboard sent multi midi channel notes

if your midi controller settings does not have multi output options you can use cubase Input Transformer to filter midi signal

Thank you very much for your reply. I’m not familiar with the settings, but I will research my controller. It’s a E-MU keyboard.

I replicated your image setup, but do not see the channel filtering icon you are pointing to.

I did find this setup under the Midi menu, but I don’t really know what I am looking at.

I’m so sorry, I didn’t notice that you have cubase element
Input Transformer available for cubase pro only “maybe cubase artist too”

Can you give me full keyboard name / model number ? is it synthyszer or just a midi keyboard contrroler without internal sounds ?

about your midi filter quistion under preferences setup, Yes you can use this options as general filter, cheack all channels except CH1

My controller is a E-MU 49 key midi controller keyboard. Just a midi controller, no internal sound generators.

I will review your print screen.

Thanks for your input.

Still getting duplicate entries for each event(note).

Issues resolved!
The problem was the midi input settings in Studio->Studio Setup->MIDI Port Setup. Studio recognized both the Steinberg UR22mkII and my E-MU Xboard for Windows MIDI–In. The default setting was both Visible and Active. I unchecked the E-MU Xboard Active and Visible boxes, leaving only the UR22mkII MIDI In as Active and Visible.