It is amazing how DAW can become flustrating

When it comes to features like that Cubase isn’t the DAW. I have realised it is primarely instrument recording, audio editing and mixing DAW, otherwise it lacks in a lot of areas, and can even get annoying with certain things. Hopefully they can improve in future releases. But judging on some requests that have been posted years back it might not happen any time soon, who knows. But it is amazing how DAW can become flustrating when you change what you primarly work with or when it comes to the stage that you want to improve your workfklow but the DAW is not designed to do this.

Cubase has extremely robust midi editing.

Yes, I should have probably said editing in general.

plus midi.

You can always switch to a daw that is better for you, or you can adapt to what Cubase can do which is rather a lot, You make it sound as if Cubase lacks in some important and fundamental way.

Because it does in organizational and workflow ways. So what it can do so many thing but to do them you have to do things in between instead just following common sense. Yeah, I am trying out other DAW as we speak.

The truth is that every single DAW I have tried has something completely out of common sense. You try Studio One it has amazing sequencer template but then you want to add new instrument track it adds existing instrument where is the logic? And to add different instrument you have to go through the special add new track and select option what instruments you want - bizzare! Switching DAW from one annoyance into another no point…

I find that a lot of times it’s not so much that a DAW doesn’t make sense, it’s just a disconnect between the expectations of DAW designer and user. I’m using Nuendo and Pro Tools for post and what I’ve found is that it makes more sense to rewire my brain than to try to force them to act the same. Learning both deeply is really the only way to get far when working in them, and quickly. And that really means having to think the way ‘the DAW thinks’ because then things typically become more logical.

But sure, even then there are cases where things don’t seem logical…



Of course in your case you are working with actuall recordings and there is no doubt Cubase has the best features for that. In my situation I have moved from instruments to keyboard and mouse and the studio is anything from a bar to a terrace. Situations also force you to work differently and use dfferent features and trying to addapt to how DAW operates for certain situations becomes unplesant experience. So you try out other DAW and it makes it even worse. We can all agree that Cubase has not been updating it’s UI or improving basic workflow features. It has been updating editing features. But it lacks in intuitive behaviour which is also very important. Everything progresses and it is a matter of time before neglected things become more and more noticable. Studio One has obviously taken many features manily from Cubase and Bitwig, but they have improved on those features. If Stainberg is happy to loose users to Studio One then that’s fine. I might switch soon. Otherwise I’d say improve basic workflow and UI.

No, we don’t all agree on that. I think SB improved basic workflow features over the years pretty regularly. The only question is if they happen to be the things Voxango needs or what someone else needs. A tiny (leaked) detail that doesn’t seem like much is playlists for video tracks. As a fair amount of us work with video this can be great since we get video updates regularly, and can now have a couple of video tracks along with several different versions on each track. I think that’s a really valuable update to my workflow as it allows me more versions in the correct timeline without (hypothetically) having a bunch of video tracks. There are always improvements as far as I can recall and they’re not limited to editing.

I think the problem with “intuition” is that it’s difficult to describe. To me it implies either what a user is used to and expects just in general, or it is what a user expects based on what the specific DAW is like. So for the ‘general’ case I actually think a lot of what Cubendo does is intuitive, but I realize that’s likely because I have a background as a musician and an engineer using analog boards and outboard effects and tape. Some other DAWs aren’t intuitive at all to me. When it comes to the specific nature of Cubendo I agree that some things aren’t intuitive, but that has more to do with them not being consistent within the DAW. In other words, “why does this thing work on this page but not on the other - seems like it should”? Stuff like that.

But again though, a lot of the time the functions we need exist, it’s just that they aren’t found where we think they should be or they work slightly differently, and often it’s better to just re-learn how to get the job done and move on compared to learning a new DAW or moving back and forth between them…

I feel like people say this about DAWs all the time, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Studio One users make the same argument.

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That’s nice. In 7 years MIDI editing has gotten Bezier curves, Tempo track and a Glue key command.

And what are the requests for MIDI editing?

I completely agree with this. For me, intuition stops with fairly mundane things. If it looks like a button, I expect to be able to push it. If it’s numbers or letters in a field, I expect to be able to click there and input data. But for the way things are supposed to work generally, theoretically, when I don’t even grasp the full scope of them, how much can intuition - from a background of complete ignorance - achieve? I have to learn stuff, once I learn some stuff, my “intuition” gets more fine-tuned on the variations of a specific task I want to achieve. I make guesses, but they’re more… educated in a sense.

@Voxango, I think it’s the laptop’s small screen that’s pissing you off. :sweat_smile:

  • Rename CC’s.
  • Expression Map overhaul. Entire thread with hundreds of suggestions. Expression Map - Helpful Additions
  • Range selection.
  • Expression Map not resetting on Stop.
  • Note Expression to scale value when drawing in curves.
  • Draw in Note Expression across multiple tracks.
  • Select CC on Note Expression Editor without the drop down menu.
  • Note Expression stability. Cubase crashes when you Glue an event with CC data to an event without.
  • Note Expression One Shot mode On/Off key command
  • Separate key commands for Open and Close Note Expression editor
  • Preset CC curves via key command relative to current grid setting.
  • Step Input overhaul. Hold for longer events based on metronome click.
  • Marker Track.
  • Show specific group of articulations in Controller Lane with key command.
  • LE selects events based on articulation assignment.
  • LE selects triplets.
  • LE selects more than one note in bar at a time e.g. beat 1 and 3.
  • LE with Tilt Left and Tilt Right functionality.
  • Controller Lane to scale value when Tilting.
  • Show event length in seconds/ms via key command.
  • Split event into 8ths/16ths via key command.
  • Glue event to next event regardless of pitch.
  • Fix Quantize Ends Relative to Grid functionality.
  • Moving one event end or start position changes abutting events start and end position.
    etc. etc. you get the idea.

There are LE patches for those…plus several dozen more highlighting and selecting emphasis etc created by Luke Johnson aka Jononotbono. Google him. The LE patches are still available at the Metagrid website. If you can’t find the patches…I’m guessing maybe 100 variations of your two points above, I’ll send you a link to download.

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I’m pretty sure the LE can only select 1 event per bar. It’s either ‘inside bar range’ or ‘outside bar range’ no? I set this one up for selecting 8th triplet but it shouldn’t be this complicated IMO.

Like this?

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The LE doesn’t make sense to me. There is:
Property | Property is set | Event is selected
…and as a Function, you Select it. So I would remove the mentioned condition. You don’t deselect the other Events, so the result is, that all previously selected Notes remain selected.

To select MIDI Notes selects more than one note in bar at a time e.g. beat 1 and 3., use following LE, please:

Filter Target
( Type is | Equal | Note | And
( Position | Inside Bar Range | | | Or
Position | Inside Bar Range | | | Or ))

Action Target


See the LE and the result on the screenshot (nothing has been selected before triggering the LE), please.

Of course, you can tweak it, to shorten the length, for example.


This is easy again:

Filter Target
( Type Is | Equal | Note | And
( Length | Equal | | PPQ | Or // 1/64T
Length | Equal | | PPQ | Or // 1/32T
Length | Equal | | PPQ | Or // 1/16T
Length | Equal | | PPQ | Or // 1/8T
Length | Equal | | PPQ | Or // 1/4T
Length | Equal | | PPQ | Or )) // 1/2T

Action Target


See attached screenshot after appling this LE, please. Nothing has been selected before I clicked to Apply.


What exactly do you mean?