It would be great to have Halion Hangouts

The Cubase hangouts are one of the best hidden gems about the software, and I’ve been pleased to see these types of videos bleed in to other products over the last few years for Wavelab and Spectralayers - they’re enormously helpful. But it would be very cool to have some development / coding streams specifically for Halion.

I understand they would be fairly niche compared to the others, but even if they were once every 6 months with some practical examples demonstrated and be able to ask questions and interact it would be really valuable. I get the sense there are a lot of people who already have Halion and want to know more, and others that are looking for alternatives to Kontakt but stumbling.


Plus one… id tune in for that! If you tag it as a feature request then we can vote for it. Thanks

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@GregOndo did a bit of HALion 7 Q&A in his last Cubase hangout:

Edit: that said, I will ask around if someone might squeeze HALion specific hangout it in their schedule. No promises though!
In addition, there is a constant stream of tutorials, tips etc. coming up on our VST Instruments youtube channel:

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Sorry, noob here, how do I do that?

No worries sma… from ‘summary’ in your profile - click on the topic you created - there’s a pencil icon next to the title of the topic (top right) - click on that and theres a few drop down boxes - one of them should have an option for feature request

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Noop, not for me, tried in three different browsers but whenever I click the edit pencil I just get a popup with history, no way of altering anything, no tag boxes… :frowning:

Edit, I just edited this so it does work, just not the main post.

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Thank you, that’s been done.