It would be nice to 'disable' Group track on Cubase :)

I always think about this, and is there a way…?


You have to explain what you want…

Exactly what he wrote in the title.
You can disable audio/instrument/midi tracks, but not group tracks.

@JohnShin better if you add the feature-request tag to this thread! :slight_smile:

Group tracks have nothing to disable… I don’t get it… no data to disable…

Of course they have: Inserts and sends.

It doesn’t seem logical. Where do you want the tracks that are grouped to then go to?

That’s not real audio data. Just settings to alter the signals flowing through the group. Deactivating a group (as you want it) will lead to no signal going through… it makes no sense to cut the signals.

To disable the processing, we have switches already.

I am extremely sorry for not explaining fully (thought members would understand what I meant)

One thing I love about ‘disabling’ track feature on Cubase:

  • It 100% disables it and saves much CPU.

So, I do everything on Cubase 11 & 12 Pro and,
sometimes, it is very CPU heavy, leaving the project on when every track/inserts/vstis turned on.

Thereby, sometimes, when I am focusing more on songwriting part/lyrics part etc,
I simply, disables much CPU hogging tracks ‘that’ are not necessarily needed when doing other editing on my side :slight_smile:

So, I treat Cubase ‘group’ tracks always as buss / stem group track.

for example, BG VOX 1 Left, BG VOX 2 Right, BG VOX 3 harmony Left, BG VOX 4 harmony Right:
I made my own key command and by one click, I group it.

The problem is, I am mixing a project ‘through’ all times.
So, I test with my plugins a lot.
I insert many many vsts and swapping here and there, figuring out the best combos.

And sometimes, it is fairly frustrating, when I need to record some vocal, but mac mini is having so much CPU running on vsts on Group track.
*I tend do put lots and also I personally prefer to treat group track as my buss/semi aux channel.
So yeah, my group tracks’ inserts do get CPU heavy almost every time.

And it would be really nice, by just one click, deactivating all inserts within that specific ‘group’ track.
This was what I meant, and if group track cannot be disabled it is fine, what I want and I will clarify myself, is, disabling all inserts on that group track…? do you get it?

But ‘if’ Steinberg can be smarter than me, then probably they could just create on key-command, that will simply disable group track as a whole ‘if’ tracks belong to that group track are also disabled in the first place.

One problem for me always, is that, I turn ‘some’ on, and turn ‘some’ off. Always testing myself time to time. So, sometimes 12 vsts as inserts and it is time consuming to one by one, disabling inserts and ‘remembering’ which one I chose very last time…?

Um, I am sure some users here would love this feature added.
Logically I may not make sense, but Cubase named it as group track right?
So… why not making a feature:

  • disabling group track → will also disable the children tracks of it (logically), and disabling all its inserts (simply greying it out → saving CPU momentrarily)

Hope I… made it clear…?

‘or’ other way around suggestion? :slight_smile:
I am open for any good way-around.

This feature, I felt needed when I started mixing my own. And this feature is a must I reckon.
Will save a lot of time for many musicians.

*I definitely would prefer, ‘one key command’ type just as disabling track feature… that would save time. One-by-one disabling… personally, is very painful…

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I suggest you use Folder Tracks in addition, or in parallel with your group tracks.

Then you can use a PLE preset to disable all in the folder.

This is not logical.
You can route source tracks to other destinations at the same time and disabling a group track and all it’s sources could lead to unpredictable results.

There are buttons that are doing this already.

  • Yellow sign means: staying ready → so which means, your CPU is still being ‘consumed’.

  • I guess, I will re-phrase my request: ‘disabling’ ALL inserts button (on any type track including ‘group’ track)

I think we will definitely need this in near future, no? Is it just me who is desperate for this feature (I am surprised…)

Bypassing is not the same as disabling when it comes to CPU-usage.

Also I think, having inserts on ‘GROUP’ track makes it even more CPU-hungry just like putting waves L2 on master bus or SSL G-comp on master bus. So disabling inserts by one click on group track is imho the most sought after feature…

My project normally gets up to 80~100 tracks that include instrumentation tracks and vocal tracks…
So… I am not so sure, why my request is not logical? is there any way around…?!

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I guess it is just me… who was looking for this feature for a long time…
I am still grateful though, also stoked still about Midi Remote editor ← because I’ve been dreaming about this feature since like Cubase 8 Pro! which… made me purchase artist mix and… now all my daw controllers became not-so-complicated gears cause now we can customize anything :slight_smile:
Anyways, this feature would be so efficient imo. Not bypassing, but fully disabling all inserts on chosen tracks :slight_smile:

By the way! I do not want to sound ‘whining’ about this feature but was just wondering!
It would be nice for someone like me as I explained it above :slight_smile:
Or perhaps I am maybe using Group tracks wrong way?
I… just prefer this way, than creating FX (aux) tracks… because some groups need dedicated reverbs/delays/eq treats etc…
But anyways, maybe soon.
It gets a little stressful who puts many many inserts along the chain… like me… :frowning:

In addition, I just have this idea that, it would be also very helpful to get:

  • Full % list of ‘all’ the inserts that are active on a project
    *I know we still get latency time on each track that is also helpful but also full list by one full table would not hurt I reckon :slight_smile: (e.g. Vsti cpu usage list, Insterts cpu usage list, CPU usage accurate numbering etc)

It sounds to me like you need a more powerful computer :wink:
Tbh, for me this request doesn’t make sense either - if I put plugins on a bus, it is because I want them there, to have an impact on the sound. And if I need to record something after already having used loads of plugins , I use “constrain delay compensation”, which, depending on the setting, will disable a lot of plugins in one go, thus saving CPU cycles and reducing latency.

(Btw, in my experience most plugins use significantly less CPU anyway when they’re just “soft” bypassed.)

no, that option does not disable plugins.

I think it does make sense your request and its a useful feature.
The question is why not implemented already?


I think as well, that this is a useful feature. Sometimes I have a certain instruments which are all routed to a buss, but douring the mix I notice, that I don’t need them at all. I.e. additional percussions (tambourines, shakers) or certain vocal harmonies/doubles, are all routed to a buss, and when I decide to not use them at all, it would be nice to disable all of them with one click, buss tracks included. Not so much for CPU (also), but more to be able to reactivate them with one click easily (if the client wants to hear a version with these tracks activated) without messing with their volume or single tracks again.


If bypassing them could save up some CPU that is a good news. Yes, I agree, but I do own a fairly decent computer (mac mini 2018 maxed out intel chip model with 64gb ram, mojave osx). Perhaps, I was treating Group ‘track’ as track as well… (just literally).

Though, one-hot-key disabling all inserts should be implemented imo. This would be a good feature for all around work.

Well, Cubase is famous for making any command to be custom key so, let me hope :slight_smile:

‘Disabling’ feature was to me, a very revolutionary hehe… and this feature saves me a lot of CPU because I run heavy ones a lot.
(Omnisphere/Softube Weiss mk3 here and there)
And yes! sometimes one key combo command saves a lot of time + inspiration + work flow vibe you know :slight_smile: