It's on the Online Shop.

Not yet officially released, or at least officially announced.

Looks like a new version of Retrologue, and MediaBay content icons: Instruments, Loops & Samples, and More (Track Presets, VST FX Presets, FX Chain Presets, Strip Presets, and Pattern Banks.

The Hub isn’t working at the moment: no news or video tutorials.

Perhaps my imagination, but the graphics look sharper.

The installation on my Mac Mini did not overwrite C8.

VST Cloud.png

More screen shots.


Just based on this I don’t think it’s worth the cost to upgrade other than to get a cheaper upgrade to 9. Any report on whether this is Retina compatible yet?

It is!!!

I have lined down some of the changes I have discovered. Not sure if all of them are new but here goes:

VST Cloud (?)

  • Folders
  • Retrologue 2
  • MediaBay have received a small makeover.
  • Transport as well.
  • Retina Ready!
  • Punch in/out recording
  • Pre/Post-roll

The update price from Cubase 8 Pro is app. 50 €

What are you seeing that’s different about folders? These look identical to what we’ve got in 8.

Link, please?

Hi Frog,

Were did you get that version from? Looks interesting!

Was on the steinberg shop earlier… has been taken down now

LOL! :smiley:
Someone already bought it.

wonder if color all strip channel in mixer, and Import audio tracks from project and Export render (as in Nuendo 7) are in C8.5 :slight_smile:

Edit: just a quick FR .i use N7 on a studio and i wish Import audio tracks from project would import also instrument track,midi etc…maybe for cubase ? :wink:

I can only hope the update has fixed the problems with Asio Guard and VEPro 5.

oh oh, vst-cloud… doesn’t that look like something that will evolve into Features linked to an abo …?

Not sure.

The transporter has some new symbols near the bpm and time signature, could this be an improved metronome?

Oh I see, yamaha has more Information on vst cloud. Just googled it.

And yes, I was right ;o)…

So now we know 8.5 is just around the corner. :wink:
Wasn’t 8 released december 5th last year??

It would be a nice “Sinterklaas” gift to myself.

I upgraded last night… didn’t realise it wasnt official, saw some link and thought it had been launched
bit disappointing to be honest, reminds me of the Cubase 6.5 upgrade when they added no new features just a few VST and sounds, but at least that had a couple of workflow improvements… this (from what I can see) doesn’t have any new improvements… (unless i’m missing them) will wait for the actual launch before judging, also it says build 69 built in october. so presumably this is a beta i’m running?

just for clarification… I thought this was a legitimate release, wouldn’t have ordered if I had known it was a pre release / test copy