I've lost NotePerformer 4.4 and all playback except "Dorico Beep"

Actually, I don’t think I have anything available now for playback except “Dorico Beep” (how pleasant! :slight_smile: )

I think what happened is that when I launched Finale 25 (more than once) in order to extract lyrics (see Dorico 5 is running; Launch Finale; Steinberg License engine connects to elasticbeanstalk.com. Why), somehow Finale (perhaps) hijacks the playback stuff (for lack of a better word).

I don’t like to keep Finale open, and I only need it once in a while. A few times I opened and closed it and opened it again and did not lose the ability to playback Dorico scores. But, alas …

I just shut down the computer and reinstalled NotePerformer 4.4 thinking that would fix it. It did not. I thought maybe it was only a problem with the Dorico file I was working with so I opened an older file, but it also will not playback and has only “Dorico Beep” associated with it (see screenshot).

Probably the solution is simple. I hope someone can tell me what to do. Thank you!

Well, I just opened another file and NotePerformer has returned…

I’ll try to be observant as to what might be triggering the coming and going of NP.

My first thought if I had no sound (and I admit that I’m grasping in the dark here) would be to reapply the Playback Template.

Is it even possible to run NP simultaneously on Dorico and Finale? (I never installed the Finale/Sibelius versions, so cannot test)

This is strange to me. When I opened one file, NotePerformer worked fine. When I opened another, only Dorico Beep is available for playback. When I opened another, I have only Dorico Beep and HALion Sonic SE, but nothing else can be chosen.

It used to be that I could choose NotePerformer in any file from this dialog (Command-4 and then the funny looking “e” symbol to “edit instrument”. (That is what I was using to select the instrument, so maybe that’s a hint as to what is wrong.

I sure which I could always select NotePerformer. Sigh.
Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 15.42.44

I mis-typed: it’s not the little “e” I was using to change the Playback type from Dorico Beep to NotePerformer to HALion Sonic SE (are those called “playback engines”?). Rather (of course), I used the down arrow to select them.

I use the “e” to change sounds play from a given “engine”.

What I still do not know is why some files allow me to select different “engines”, while other files only let me use Dorico Beep.

Maybe @dspreadbury or @Lillie_Harris will chime in.

Are you loading (adding) the VST’s you need from the VST & MIDI Tab first?

Hi @EricC,
looking at your screenshot, you need to understand following:
There are the two tabs ‘Track Inspector’ and ‘VST and MIDI’, right?
And the Track Inspector shows in the drop down list only the plug-in instances that are already loaded or instantiated, that’s why you get there only the small list, because at the time of taking the screenshot, there was only a DoricoBeep and HALion Sonic SE instance around. If you want to have more items in that list, then you need to go to the other, the ‘VST and MIDI’ tab. There you can add either more instances of e.g. HALion Sonic SE or other instrument plug-ins like e.g. NotePerformer. Once you added an instrument plug-in instance in the ‘VST and MIDI’ tab , it will turn up in the pop-up list of the ‘Track Inspector’.
Do you understand now? One of the tabs is responsible for providing instrument objects (plug-in instances) and the other is responsible for connecting the instrument objects (plug-in instances) with the players of the score. So this is basically the place where two different worlds are brought together. Which player in the score will send MIDI information to which VSTinstrument and to which slot within the VSTinstrument.
I hope this clarifies the two concepts behind those two tabs.

Additional information: When applying a Playback Template , Dorico does two things. It instantiates the necessary VSTinstrument objects and loads the appropriate sound patches and it establishes the correct routing of the players in the score to the VSTinstrument instances.

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I think that’s it. I did not know how to do this.

I think you and Derrek have clarified this for me. I did not understand. I understand (slightly) more now. Thank you.

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If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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