iZotope RX 6 roundtrip

By using Keyboard Maestro macros with Nuendo 7 and iZotope RX 6, you can achieve a very fast workflow :

More to come for those interested ! (macros available)

fyi the video shows as not available for me

Sorry !
Should be ok now.

Cripes! That makes me want to get Keyboard Maestro. Nice work.


and it’s working on an old 2008 MacPro …
I forgot to mention that I’m using only 1 shortcut (mapped to my mouse) to send and get back from iZotope.

I will post the Keyboard Maestro macros in few days.

Here it is :
The 3 Keyboard Maestro macros to make a fast workflow between Nuendo 7 (and 8 later) and iZotope RX 6.

First, make a main macro which will start one of 2 different macros, depending on the front app you’re in. If you’re in Nuendo, then it will launch the “send to RX” macro, and if you’re in RX it will launch the “send back to Nuendo” macro.
This make it easier as you’re only using 1 MASTER shortcut that can be triggered by a mouse, a keyboard shortcut, a midi input, … (Keyboard Maestro has many triggers).

First, the main macro with the MASTER shortcut :

Then, the “Nuendo send to RX” macro :

And finally, the “RX send back to Nuendo” :

The greyed portion of the macros means they’re disabled. Useful when you’re trying to add some pauses for example.
You can adjust the different “pauses” depending on the speed of your machine, if you encounter some strange commands behavior.

Awesome stuff thanks for this :smiley:

Anything like keyboard maestro for windows?