Izotope RX11

Anyone tested this yet? Do we have the same problem with the Rx connect like before?

Have you? I upgraded from Cubase 13 to Nuendo 13 today and upgraded to RX11 yesterday. I guess we will see LOL

I just looked at the upgrade. $299 for Advanced which seems to only just be catching up to tools I already have (Accentize Pro, Clear, Hush). And no ARA for Nuendo…I’ll wait.

I am having a big problem with rx11 in n13. If I use any rx11 plugin on a clip then I cannot use ANY keyboard functions while that clip is active and the DOP panel is open. It’s like RX11 is hogging the app focus or something?

If assign another plugin via the DOP panel so an RX11 app is not the last used or close the DOP panel I can then use my keyboard.

Currently RX11 is unusable in Nuendo 13 for me.

I do not have this problem with rx10 advanced plugins.

Anyone else experiencing similar?

I’ve just started a new thread about this specific problem here RX11 Advanced Problem - Incompatible with N13 for me

Though it is not easy to overcome habits , I I’ll give this one a skip,

kinda wish i did

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Not a personal attack, but maybe you could run a spellcheck on your messages. It’s free and easy. I really cannot understand most of your sentences, so SB will probably have the same difficulty.

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